Monday, March 31, 2008

Memory Monday

Today's topic was any highschool activites, sports that you participated in. I was a cheerleader in 8th grade at a very small school. there were only 5 of us, but it was really fun. I was also on the basketball team in 8th grade, but i totally sucked!
In highschool, cheerleading (now at a different, bigger highschool) was a major deal. you had to know gymnastics and be able to do all these different jumps, etc. so that was out! so i joined the drill team instead, which is what i really liked anyway. drill team was basically doing dances/routines during halftime. we had a huge drill team with something like 60 girls or more. it was really fun, although our captain was really strict and wasn't too well liked. during the summer one year, we got to go away to a drill camp held at Mary Washington College in Virginia (my highschool was in Virginia Beach). we slept in the dorms and learned various dance routines. it was so much fun. we won the "spirit award" while we were there. i also played basketball and softball for the recreation league (wasn't good enough for the highschool teams!). but playing for rec was much more laid back and fun. i had the same coach for the 4 years i played and he always had the team over for pool parties and BBQ's. and then i was a swimmer too. i spent many years swimming when i was younger and then started up again in a league during highschool. my best stroke was back stroke.

i'll be gone for the next two Monday's, so we'll start up again when i return.

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