Monday, September 10, 2007

A very special day for tucker (and us)

I've been working on this project going on the 3rd year. Someone gave me an application for the Marty Lyons Foundation. (Marty Lyons use to play for the NY Jets). The foundation grants wishes to children with chronic illness/disabilities, etc. So we received the application and wished for a hot tub for tucker. he loves very hot water and relaxes so much in his bath, so we figured a hot tub would be awesome for him. The hydro therapy would great for his muscles. So i sent in the application and he was approved. very cool. but for some reason, actually getting the hot tub proved to be the hard part. they had to solicit to vendors to get one donated and finally this spring of '07, Costco dropped off the hot tub at our house. From there we had to get an electrician to install it; which ended up taking 5 months due to his busy schedule and our townships strict rules. paperwork kept being returned and then when we'd fix it another 2 weeks would go by before they'd return it again for some other reason. anyway, we finally got through all that and then got it inspected. everything passed inspection and we were good to go. so jeff started to fill up the hot tub, only to find out it had a leak! (trust me, this kind of stuff ALWAYS happens to us. there is no easy way to get things done around here).
so i contacted the company who made the hot tub and they gave me a local number to call to have it looked at. i kept calling the company and leaving messages and they'd never call me back. finally i got a real person on the phone and explained why i was calling. she says to me, "we don't service that tub anymore". so i said, is that why no one from your store is calling me back? and she said, yeah, probably. so i yelled at her. i said, "that's a great way to run your business". know what she says back? "why thank you". i was so disgusted i slammed the phone down. (um, just a little frustrated here). so i call back the hot tub company again and ask for the manager. i explain to "Brian" about everything that we've been through, all about tucker, the waiting, the leak, etc. i finally said, "look, its not like me and my husband want to go out there and have a glass of wine while soaking in the tub. this tub is for my special needs child and we've been waiting an awful long time for this". within a few days another company called us and the guy was here and fixed the leak last thurs. the weekend was busy so we didn't get to use it - but tonight we did!
jeff carried tucker out. dillon got the cover off, the radio going, the jets going, turned the lights on, got tucker's tubes out, etc. i brought out towels (and a beer!) and got into the tub. we weren't sure how we were going to get him in, but it was really easy to place him on the side and i grabbed his legs and then jeff eased him down. boy was tucker wide eyed when he felt the water! you'll notice in the pictures, he's got his mouth open. he does that when he's sleeping or very curious about something!
we sat in there for about 20 minutes. as he started to relax, i did some easy stretching on his arms and legs, which tend to be very tight. he enjoyed it so much! i enjoyed it so much, because i've worked hard on getting this accomplished for him. all the paperwork, phone calls, trips for permits, etc. it was nice to be able to have this done for him. it made me happy.
that would be dillon, my younger, creative and eclectic son (who does that sound like? lol) sitting in the kiddie tube in the hot tub!


  1. It looks like you all had fun! I am glad everything worked out for you

  2. This made me cry...

    I can't believe all the hassle you went through to get the hottub installed and functional - but seeing Tucker's pics just proves it was so worth it.

  3. Good for you, being so persistent! What a great mom you are. Happy to see your whole family enjoying the new hot tub!

  4. How wonderful!! Your faces look radiant - hehe!:)I bet that was a terrific feeling to actually be in the tub after all that work and effort! Soooo great that you were diligent and could tackle all the 'yuk' to get to last night:) I hope you have many great family nights in there together! Debra

  5. how nice that all that hard work paid off. And the pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

  6. HI Kecia..What a joy to find your blog! I must add you to my links! My neice is a special needs child who Tucker reminds me so much of! Her biggest delight was swimming in grandmas pool in the summer! What a blessing (after the headaches) to finally have the hot tub! By the way your art dolls are just gorgeous!!

  7. kecia~
    that is so wonderful for tucker and the rest of the clan!! you need to let the foundation know how it worked out for you and tucker.. beautiful pics!!

  8. i definitely plan on sending them all the pictures from the maiden voyage in the hot tub!

  9. Tucker looks like he is really enjoying the hot tub!!! What a wonderful thing for all of you! I bet he slept good after that! and you too! -Sandra

  10. I am glad it all worked out in the end! Hope the tub brings you lot of good times from now on:)

  11. Oh what a moving entry. I'm sorry they left you out to dry, literally, for so long, but am so glad it finally worked out. What a wonderful Mom you are. Please give my love for Tucker. I'm thinking of all of you with so much love.

    Big Hugs from a Fellow Artfester,

  12. What a wonderful gift for your son. Reading your story was very touching. I hope he continues to enjoy it. And you too!

  13. hey, girl.
    i was showing my cousin, melinda, your blog and she got to see this post! i was so excited because i had been telling her all about you and tucker and dillon!
    and, i LOVE the picture of jeff and tucker.
    love you, jan


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