Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i've finished adding to the first doll from the round robin.

I've been working on the first doll to arrive. this is Sandra's doll. the first picture is of the doll when it arrived. the second picture is of the doll now that i am done adding to it. Pictures 3,4 & 5 show what i did to her doll.
Sandra's base is some piece of metal (really cool) that i believe she painted in that great old cottage blue color. it couldn't stand up on its on, so i decided to give her doll some feet and then create a stand for it - (see last picture). i also added a brass crown to her head, a gold spring thingy around her face, a garland that says "dream" and some leaves that i dipped in glitter and glued on each side of the banner.
I'm done playing with her doll, so next it will be sent off to Deb.
wonder how my doll is doing?


  1. Your dolls are so wonderfully ornate! The slide show looks fab but it is only half showing up. With blogger I was only able to put slide shows on the left columns for some reason. I'll be checking back often!

  2. thanks lani!hmmm, i'll have to see what's up with my slide.

  3. dolls are so much fun and it looks like you had a great time with this one. I love what you did with her,.

  4. You really glammed her up Kecia! Every little dolly needs a bit of bling! My Artfest check cleared today! Whoo Hoo!

  5. She's fabulous!! I'm so glad you found a good way to stand her up - perfect!!*Love the tiara!! LOVE the bling:) Okay ~ I'm ready for her!! Debra

  6. kecia, i love this doll!!!! the colors and worn patina are amazing! i also love her face and the crown, fabulous work : )


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