Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Reviews are in!

I decided to write down some of the comments that people were making to me as they browsed throught my booth. here are some of their comments:

- "Your stuff is so sweet. This box is so not me, but i gotta have it"
- "You must have beautiful dreams"
- "The best booth yet"
- "Most unique booth"
- "Whimsical, creative spirit"
- "Beautiful"
- "I'm giving you an award for the best booth" (verbal award!)
- "I second that award. your work is very creative and original"
- "This is genius! And i was convinced i wouldn't see anything cool today" - said by Gerard, who is a jewelry designer and knows the owners of Tinsel Trading Company. He took my card saying he was going to tell them about me.
- "Love your altered arts!" (someone else in NJ knows what altered arts are!)
- "Nicely done"
- "Very original, not like the other crap here"
- "Are you the collage artist? Very nice work, very original - nicely put together" said to me by a woman who used to do collage art in New York.


  1. definite reviews to keep in your memory banks and t4reasure.

  2. how nice to hear those comments and you know know how i feel about your beauties!! sounds like it was a great weekend for you! and i love the new background, it looks so nice!!

  3. Good for you Kecia! I have no doubt your beauties stood apart from the crowd!

  4. Keesh, I would have said all of that and more if I would have come to your booth! You ARE an amazing artist, a wonderful person and a fabulous friend.

  5. thanks everyone for being so sweet! nice to be so encouraged by all my friends. it was so much hard work - so the kudos always make it worth it!


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