Wednesday, September 5, 2007

the beginning of my altered doll - round robin

Here is the start of my altered doll for the round robin i am in with the Warehouseartchix ( ). I am a "guest" warehouse chick. you can see the dolls they started at their blog. my doll will be sent out today as soon as i find out who i am sending it to! i will be receiving Sandra's doll first. i met Sandra on Etsy when she purchased one of my blank manikins to altered (still have many more of those for sale @$9.00!) i can't wait to see what she's done with hers. i actually just sold an altered manikin, which i called "a woman's valet" to Amy's (my loyal customer!) sister, Jill. i will keep taking pictures as the robin progresses. My doll's face is from Lani Kent (ebay) and i glued it into a bottle cap and added glossy accent resin. then i glued the face onto a medallion thingy that i picked up at a flea market in California about 5 years ago (with a few others). then i took a wood stick (like a popsicle stick, but round and inserted it into the hole of the wooden spool. i added glue inside the spool along with a nut (as in hardware, not peanut) to keep the stick still. i next glued the medallion onto the stick. the last thing i did was glued the whole thing onto a very small plate for stablility.


  1. Love Love Love your body!!! What a great idea!! FABULOUS!! I can't wait to see it in person:) Debra

  2. hi debra! thank you so much. yes, this is so fun. looking at the pictures, i'm already working ideas in my mind for the other dolls!

  3. What a great start for you doll RR. It'll be cool to see her when she returns home; you'll have to post pictures.

  4. I love them both!!! Of course I love flowers!!! so it would not have mattered that yours had a floral head too!! So glad you are doing this with us!! -Sandra

  5. You mentioned blanks for sale, can you point me to them?

  6. hi, jeri, the blanks i was refering to is a large manikin torso made form papermache. there is no head, just a neck area. is this what you had in mind? i don't know your email so i'm posting info here. you can reach me at i sell them $9.00 plus shipping.


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