Monday, September 3, 2007

they all have these cool awnings

Okay, so here is how i did this with the photos. Since blogspot has been giving me problems loading my pictures and i had so many to show you all, i loaded them all into flickr first. then i linked my blog to flickr and viola! it literally took seconds, so keep that in mind if you have a bunch of pictures to insert into your blog! so this photo marks the end of the bunch from the show (but seems like the beginning to the viewer!). so please scroll all the way through them so that you don't miss any of the goodness! I loaded in 24 pictures from the show, so you will have to go back 24 pictures or 3 pages total (browse "older post") this picture is of the tents that are around the auditorium. they have been handed down from generation to generation and people stay in them on the weekends. they are really quite beautiful and unique. i'm going to go back and get some better photos of them and do a little more research on the town to better explain it.


  1. I gave up and just went to Flickr to check out all the photos (much faster). It looks like you had a wonderful time. I hope you sold lots of stuff. You really do have a good eye for photos.

  2. wow!!what a cool way to spend a summer....


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