Wednesday, September 5, 2007

email from Carol, a client

I met Carol and Amy a year ago this month at a art/craft show in Colts Neck, NJ. They bought several things from me and i took their phone #'s and emails promising to update as to what shows i would be at next. Since they, they've actually been to my house several times for some shopping. It's like a mini trunk sale. i set everything out on tables and let them shop. Carol did not make it to my last show, but Amy did. She bought the guitar i had altered and was pictured on my blog showing the back of the guitar. Carol, a teacher, has ordered a customized soldered tiara for me to wear to her upcoming retirement party. i've been working on it as we speak. anyway, i thought i'd share an email Carol recently sent to me. it is nice to have my work so appreciated:

Hi Kecia,
Got a kick out of seeing your loyal customer Amy with the guitar. I am so jealous that I missed that fair. Amy said it was fabulous, but of course, your art was the "BEST and MOST EXCITING!!! I hope that you still have "stuff" left over when I come to get my "TIARA". The tiara is even keeping me from binging as I am picturing myself wearing it. Of course, I will not look half as good as you, but it's FUN anyway. Love your stuff, love your blog. You are officially part of my life. Carol


  1. Good for you Kecia! A few kind words really go a long way don't they...

  2. Well, I finally found your blog! And there you are with the necklace you wore to your husband's class reunion. It looks terrific on you!

  3. How nice to know how appreciated you and your work are.

  4. i've suggested that they also email some pictures of my work set up at their house! that would be fun. they keep saying i should come and see my stuff in their enviroment.


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