Thursday, September 20, 2007

finishing up about my trip to ohio

Well now that i can upload pictures again, i can catch up a little on my blog. So my friend, Kim has 5 dogs. in a few previous posts, i had shown pictures of 4 of the dogs. this is the 5th dog, Chance, who (and don't tell the other dogs, is the princess in the family!) you can see why - she is so cute! she is a border collie/chow mix.

The picture above Chance is me with some horse mascot that was walking around the little complex where we would go to Starbuck's every morning. Above the horse photo is Shara, Julie and Kim clowning around in the halloween section at yet another Hobby Lobby. (i think we hit them all!) Kim is a big fan of halloween, so she loves to be in that section. (kim, don't forget to watch and see if that tree goes on clearance for me!) Above that photo is a picture of the earrings i made while we made a stop at Allie's Beads. Kim and Julie are taking some classes there this weekend. so while they got that all organized, i decided i wanted to create some jewelry. so this is what i made.

Above the earring picture is when we went out for lunch. We went to this really cool restaurant that had a lot of pop art for its decor. it was really funky and very open, which i like. While we were there we saw a group of "Red Hat Society" ladies lunching and i asked if i could take their photo. They were quite sweet. Then i decided to go back and get a picture of Paula, by herself. She has a very regal, refined and elegant look to her. She was very sweet. Hi Paula, if you have indeed stopped by my blog!

Upon returning from lunch and after unloading all our packages, i decided to take my camera around their yard. they had some huge grasshoppers that i was hoping to capture (didn't happen). we only have brown crickets in our yard. But i did see some cool spiders and loved how the grass was blowing in the wind against the blue sky.

Finally a couple of parting shots of the dogs. Biggie wants to start his own blog, so i was giving him instructions and Chance, well, Chance was just being a cutie pie as always!

The day i was leaving, we went shopping (again!). i picked up some things at World Market (which we don't have!) Then we headed into Columbus to have lunch with Julie at their favorite restaurant. We had yummy chicken salad sandwiches with a hot macroni dish on the side (can't remember what kim called it, but the waitress called it a "type of gulosh".

After lunch we still had time to kill so we stopped at a Marshall's, where i bought kim a teddy bear and hid in her car. we were stuffing all my last minute buys into my suitcase (oh, and kim had to give me another suitcase cuz mine was so heavy i thought i'd get charged for the extra weight!) While organizing my luggage, kim found the teddy bear! oh well. i wanted her to find it when she got home.


  1. Her puppy dogs look so precious. Great photos of the scenery and the rest of your trip.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Melissa M

  2. Looks like you had fun:) And shopping is always best on holiday, in particular if you don't have the stores at home!

  3. wow!! kool blog indeed! love the art doll & the wonderful story about the hot tub~

    it's me ~Izabella from ZNE ;)

  4. Love the outdoor photos! Even the spider looks sweet! Never thought I'd say that!

  5. thanx 4 the note on my blog!!

    here's the link to my facebook page...I need to get off this darned computer & create some art!! :)

    xo ~Bella

  6. your pictures are so great and i LOVE that first picture of chance marie!! we all miss you and plan on the taco feast once a week in your honor!! xo~kim

  7. Aw thanks for your comment. You are so sweet and just made my day. I tried to find a way to email you but I couldn't so here is my email adress: ingerzoektkamer [at] Or if you like you can leave your email adress on my blog and I'll email you. Hope you have an fantastic weekend!


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