Tuesday, September 18, 2007

home again home again

Well i am back from my visit to "Good Manor" in Ohio. I went to visit Kim and Julie who live just outside Columbus. I met Kim and Julie at Artiscape this past year. We really hit it off and as kim says, "it seems like we've been friends forever".
I arrived at breakfast time, so after getting my luggage, we went for a bite at Bob Evans. After eating it was straight onto Hobby Lobby! i love that store. i stocked up on a lot of stuff. As kim was probably sick of hearing, but i'll tell you all since you don't know, the shopping in New Jersey for craft/art/altered art stuff is LAME. I think the state has 3 stamping stores left - the rest went out of business. Our choices for craft/art supply stuff is ACMoore and Michael's. We used to have the Rag Shop,but they went out of business last month (not that they were very good!) I've been to other Michael's in different states and our Michael's are not like that. They are smaller and don't have as much merchandise. So the pickings are slim! So my point is, that when i say, "i'm stocking up" at hobby lobby, that is why!
After Hobby Lobby we went to an antique mall, which is was enourmous! i bought an old cookbook with a gazillion pages that i thought would be fun to alter. i also bought an set of water colors that i thought i'd squeeze my tube watercolors into when i use them. I also bought an old tin container, old rootbeer bottle caps and some vintage milk lids.
The dogs above are 4 of their 5 dogs. (blogger won't let me load any more pictures saying i'm at my alloted space! so as soon as picasa updates my space, i'll post more pics). All of their dogs are rescue/unwanted dogs. the top picture is Nelly. Nelly for some reason really took to me. she followed me every where, waited outside my room for me and if she could, she would have slept on my bed! the next dog after Nelly is Ruby. Ruby is a great dane. Ruby has her own couch and when others are near it or playing near her when she is on her couch, she gets slightly annoyed! the next dog is the saint bernard, Biggie. Biggie is the newest addition to the family. Biggie likes to eat grass. The last picture (but not the last dog!) is Kaj. Kaj is also a great dane and he is big! he is very mellow and likes to go upstairs and sleep in peace and quiet. At night when i get up to go to the bathroom, he's always outside my door on his bed. I felt as if he was the protector of my room. Kaj is very sweet. I think he enjoyed it when i would let him outside in the morning by himself. all that yard to himself! i had a hard time getting him to come back in!
more of my trip later. (birthday girl tomorrow!)


  1. Welcome Home!

    Dontcha just love Hobby Lobby (duh!) - I love dashing in there when I'm back home visiting Mom in SW Ohio. There's several near her house, so we hit them all.

    I hear you on Michael's, and although I used to like AC Moore, the last time I was in it seemed a bit rundown, almmost like Rag Shop! But for a general craft store, they aren't bad. Rag Shop sucked IMO - they're putting in an AC Moore in their old site near my house on Rt 9. I don't know if I'm happy or glad about that though...

  2. yeah, Rag Shop was bad! and the ACMoore near me (in Shrewsbury) took a few aisles out of the craft section to make room for "custom framing" - boring! so i don't even go there anymore!

  3. I'd love an ACMoore or Micheals any day. We only have one (yes one) craft store and its so small you can barely turn around. Not to mention super expensive. There is one more further away which is larger but super expensive too. I buy all my craft supplies of internet but that costs too with shipping. Norway is expensive though. You don't get anything for cheap. Even in the "dollar" store a small package of stickers costs 2 dollars. For like 12 stickers. I envy you all your trift and craft stores. Lol.

    The dogs are beautiful! I love when a dog takes a liking too one. Happends to me all the time. It has made for some embarrising episodes though. Such as when a huge dog stuck his claws in my back when he tried to prevent me from leaving. Luckly that ended fine:) Or when the dog of my ex-inlaws tried to sneak under my skirt the first time I met it and them. lol. I love dogs. They have so much personality.

    Glad you had a great trip! :)

  4. oh now i feel bad that you have such slim pickins in Norway! Sounds like we need to gather up some supplies to our new friend in Norway!

  5. nelly was looking for you this morning and i was looking for orange iced cinnamon rolls! i had the best time with you here. it was like time stood still and we have been forever friends just hanging out! i miss you my sweet friend!! you are welcome at good manor anytime!

  6. Happy Almost Birthday! I just came home from Michaels...just a few new brushes, some glue, and a couple of pens...Shopping online gives you lots of options, but it's not like examining things in person!

  7. HAPPY EARLY BDAY, almost the day!!! I feel so fortunate to have so many sources locally to shop for supplies, but I might not be so poor if I did not visit them so often...was just in some of them today to fill you birthday box with goodies!!! I make it to Hobby Lobby at least once a week! and then there is Aaron Bros. and their canvas sales and their 1.99 brushes that are great!! Hope the day tomorrow is just incredible and filled with love and laughter!!! The warehouseartchix is running a little late in the delivery part of the present, but it is coming very soon!! We keep thinking of more to add to it!!! Birthdays are the best and meant to be celebrated!!! Loved the black and white great dane!! Of course I am partial to them!! such gentle dogs, and so loving!-Sandra

  8. Happy Birthday to you!

  9. Hey there ! Oh I do envy you and your get aways :) I know what you mean about the lame art shops, our Michaels here doesn't even carry Diamond Glaze :P At least there is one here -ARTchix Studio- that sells lots of goodies for altered art, so I made sure to stock up last year, but it looks like I may still have to order other things online.
    Love the dog pics. !!

    And HEY, today ( 19th. ) is your BIRTHDAY WOOHOOOOOO !!!! So what are you going to do on your day ? Do tell, and post a pic. of you in your gorgeous tiara...please :D

    I sent you an email. Have a beautiful day Kecia, Tracy xOO

  10. hAPpY BiRtHdAy!!! glad you had a good time here in Ohio.


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