Sunday, September 30, 2007

tagged again - but wait, no groaning here!

I was kindly tagged by kawaii crafter of I won't post the 7 random facts here again since i did it once already and i don't want to bore anyone, but you can drop over to her blog which is really nice. she mentioned me and gave my blog a nice compliment; which is really appreciated. thanks again! if you read her comment section where she tagged me, i did leave some random facts for her to read!

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  1. wow, I didn't expect anyone to write that much. All though, it was all very interesting. I totally understand about people being to close. I will actually tell people to move away from me. I was curious why you lived in Japan(you had left a comment on my blog once about living there). Now the answer is solved. Thanks for posting about my blog. You didn't have to that. I just did this tag game out of courtesy to the person who tagged me.

    I was visiting your blog earlier in the week and forgot to mention that I love the slide show. The theme you picked fits so well with your style!



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