Friday, September 7, 2007

my "cworky" doll got an award on flickr!

I was just checking my emails and found out that i got a little award on Flickr for my Cworky doll, "kind". One day as i was sitting at my desk i decided to fool around and see what i could make using only the materials around me. there was a cork, some pins, an altoid tin, a bottle cap to name a few items. So i just started tinkering and came up with her! I've since made a bunch more with all other sorts of inspirational sayings on them and different faces. There's one with Elizabeth Taylor and another with the face of Mona Lisa . This doll, "kind" is mine to keep. (obviously that is why she is sitting on the "K" block!). They make awesome gifts. I recently sent one sitting on a "J" block letter to my friend, Jan, for her birthday and she loved it because it is so unique and different. I chose the name as a mix between quirky and cork!


  1. WOW! What a honor! A huge congratulations to you! Your dolls are just too cute!

  2. thanks michelle and see you real soon!

  3. the doll is very cool. How nice she brought you an award.

  4. I can see why. Its super cool! Love it.

  5. Wonderful dolls :) Aren't those awards such fun ?
    Love the new doo too !
    Portland's not too far from us, I just wish I had found out about Artsoul sooner --maybe next year.

  6. Keica,I LOVE your dolls.It was wonderful meeting you Saturday at Tinsel Trading. Let's keep in touch. Congratulations on your award!!


  7. thanks for stopping by rima! nice to meet you. hope your stuff finally dried!

  8. WOW!!!
    love this doll.. I got to work with Kecia and it was a Pleasure to say the least.
    Keep inspiring us all

  9. Cute doll with a very clever name. I love the use of the cork!


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