Thursday, September 6, 2007

new hair cut and middle name game -

I have to take some self portraits for Misty Mawn's class at Artnsoul, Portland - so i thought i'd take some today since i just got my haircut and i'm looking fresh! i hardly ever blow dry my hair as it takes so long and it is very damaging to my baby fine hair, which likes to tangle and break if the wind kicks up! So i'm always excited for my hair cut 'cuz that means Tara will blow it dry and make me look sweet! other wise, it's in a ponytail!
i was also tagged by Michelle at ( to play the middle name game. Basically you share your middle name - give it descriptive adjectives using the letters in the name and then tag the amount of people as in the letter of your middle name.
my middle name is Jo. Jo is short for Josephine, which came from my grandmother whose middle name was Josephine. She shortened it to Jo and gave it to my mother as her middle name. She is Patti Jo. I was never really crazy about my middle name or first name for that matter. My first name is unprouncable (sp?) to most and it has always irked me to have to correct the butcherings of my name. If i could pick a different name, i'd pick something like Jesse or Sammy (and neither would be shorten from Jessica or Samantha!) I just like boys names for girls. And then when you add my first name to my middle name, i always thought it sounded like an exotic hick! i thought it'd make more sense if my middle name was Josephine.
But Jo it is, so here are my descriptive adjectives:
J = Jittery. i often feel very jittery as i can't tolerate much caffeine, sugar or chocolate. especially after 12 noon. i might forget and grab a Dr. Pepper for lunch and then next thing i know, my hands are shaking and my heart is racing. now today i had 1/2 of a Dr. Pepper at 11:30 and i feel it! i guess my window for caffeine is deminishing as i blog! for a few days i was drinking the lemonade vitamin water (which is yummy) and i kept getting that same feeling. i thought maybe there was some hidden jolt in there, but i think it is the sugar content. even my coffee now is 3/4 decaf and 1/4caf and the 1/4 is almost too much! when i used to waitress, i would always roll my eyes at the "decafer's" claiming them to be annoying and wusses - but now, the tables have been turned! i don't even dare have chocolate after 12 noon as it will keep me up that night! so guess i am the wuss now! (ok, so i have a low tolerance.....)
O = Openminded. i have a pyschology degree and i feel it has taught me to walk in others shoes. I am a middle of the road kind of gal. I know that there are 2 sides to every story. I rarely take sides (which gets me in trouble) because i know this to be a fact. 2 people can witness the same accident or robbery - whatever - and give two totally different versions of what happened. does that mean someone is lying? No, it's just human nature. no one is wrong, it's just we interpret things differently. i try explaining this to my husband when we are fighting, but he just thinks i am trying to be "right"! he calls my logic (another skill i have tons of...) psychobabble......... (he's not trying to be mean, but hehe, he just can't compete! just kidding, sweetie!). When my son complains to me about so and so, i listen to the story and then i give him scenarios about what the other person was possibly thinking and that is why they reacted in the way that they did - and i think- he walks away with a better understanding about what makes people tick!
so there you have my J and O! now i guess i am to tag (2) people for the middle name games since i only had (2) letters to work with - so i am tagging my Artnsoul, Portland 2007 and new best buddy Jan of ( and Lindsay, my possible roommate to be - at Artfest 2008 ( Check out their blogs, they both do amazing work! Lindsay was the winner of my last blog candy - which is coming up again real soon!


  1. You are too funny! I love the hair and if THAT is your studio in the back ground, then I'm going to "die" with envy!

  2. yes, michelle, that is my studio! it's a narrow room (dillon's old bedroom), but i've managed to pack alot of stuff in there! time to think about some open shelving though and do away with some of the "decorations" which i love!

  3. I love your middle name! But then again, I also like Rae as a middle name and that is a little like Jo....

    As someone with another unpronouncable name, I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  4. Kecia- Love your art!! I picked up your card at the Ocean Grove craft show- everything in your booth was so original and exciting- you were talking to someone so I didn't say hi at the time. I just started blogging , myself and your blog is just like what my blog wants to be when it grows up!( I wish) Roxanne-- I don't even have a middle name :0)

  5. thanks for stopping by funky finds! you have created lots of beautiful things!

  6. Oh! Maybe we'll see each other at A&S!


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