Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not my favorite day........

Today it has been 20 years since Tucker sustained his injury. I won't be dwelling on it, but painted this picture last night to reflect my inner feelings. Feelings that are often kept well hidden.

Tucker is sick, so he will be home from school. We will have a cozy day watching tv and listening to music while i cuddle, love and care for him.


Congratulations to Patty, Barbe and Angela. It was hard to pick only 3 winners for the giveaway. I read each and every one and heard your stories and I wish all of you could be taking the workshop. I appreciate you playing along.


  1. i hope the sunshines for you today and i hope tucker feels better.

  2. A huge hug to you today. Your painting is beautiful and you are a beautiful mother. Tucker is blessed to have you as you are blessed to have him. I can't think of a better way for the two of you to spend today -- and I hope he's feeling better soon ♥

  3. Love and hugs to both you and Tucker today. Hope he feels better soon.

  4. Kecia, your painting is beautiful, Very expressive. I hope Tucker recovers quickly. Sending you love and hugs.


  5. Keeping you and your family close in prayer today. xxoo

  6. After spending almost a week with you and your family, I know each and every day presents its challenges for all of you. You guys are an amazing family who love and care for each other so deeply. Tucker is a special young man who is fortunate to be a part of the Deveney family as are all of you to have him in your life (but I know you know that already). Keep being incredible, Kecia.


  7. (((hugs)))
    Hope he is feeling better soon.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. wishing tucker a speedy recovery, while you all enjoy together time. What a perfect way to spend a grey wet april, you sure fooled the day by finding a way to make lemons. Your painting is delightful, thanks for sharing.

  9. Hope you both enjoyed your day and I hope Tucker feels better soon. {{{HUGS}}}

  10. your painting is precious Kecia. Hope you are feeling a bit better after a good cuddle with Tucker.

    Congrats to the winners. How wonderful.

  11. Dear Kecia,
    I just happened to stop by today and I am so happy I did.
    I do not know the story of Tucker but I can look at just your painting and look in the mirror and your eyes would be staring back at me.
    There is healing in this painting...since my daughter died 16 months ago, I still love the Lord but I have been so lost and didn't know who I was any more...where was my place...we had fought to keep her alive for 20 plus years...I won't go into the story but I just wanted you to know, my heart was heavy when I came here as this was the day she was first diagnosed with cancer at 10 1/2. I can't begin to even imagine as a parent what your daily walk is but when I saw your painting today and maybe an hour past I began to sing for the first time in 3 years and I WAS ABLE AND WANTED TO DO LAUNDRY. I HAVE MANY HEALTH ISSUES BUT I BELIEVE IT IS BECAUSE OTHERS, JUST LIKE YOU SAID, HAD BROKE EVERY WINDOW IN MY HOUSE AND THE INNER WALLS WERE BULGING FROM THE PAIN. THANK YOU KECIA for sharing this painting that has healing in every brush stroke. I wish I could dry up your tears and God would make Tucker whole but he is sooooo very blessed to have you as his mother. You will be rewarded my Angel.
    Just something I feel...pray about leaving this painting up on your blog for a while and see what miracles may come.
    I think, and who am I to say...but that painting could be your first book cover.
    hugs to you my friend
    I will lift you and your family every day in prayer.
    We have a friend that their daughter has TBI...she was on a 4 wheeler and crossed this one highway that she was never suppose to do but she wanted to see a friend...time was late and she needed to get home...the sun was in her eyes as she sped her 4 wheeler across the highway right into the windshield of a pick up and then her head hit the pavement.
    Simply Debbie

  12. thank you everyone for your loving and supporting comments........

  13. There are no words that I can say that can erase the pain...but know that you are admired and loved by many not just for your art but for your heart ~ you are one of the most giving & caring people that I know...I am blessed to call you my friend...Peace Joy Love & many hugs & blessings 2 U, Love Marlene

  14. I came here today because of Simply Debbie's post...and my heart is overwhelmed with all that I am feeling...things that I push down so that I don't have to deal with them...and here you are showing your heart and soul..and that helps ease everyone's pain. Blessings to you and your son! xxoo Diana

  15. I found you over at Simply Debbie's blog. She posted your picture. It is very sweet and sad...but she expressed healing through it. What a beautiful thing, grief can swallow us whole in a million ways. So nice to meet you. Blessings and have a lovely day.


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