Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun with Jane

Last weekend, Jane came over to play. We also went to see Dillon perform as Kenicki in his high school's production of Grease. It was a great show and I was so proud of Dillon. He really gave it his all and it showed. It was fun to see it with Jane.

Jane and I had no idea what we would be creating. Neither one of us could come up with an idea. She brought along her basic tool kit (which for us, is filled with yummy treasures and tools). Before she left, I told her, "bring a doll head".

So after putting our heads together, we decided to use some paper mache torsos, adding our doll heads to the top, using a vintage glass footed lamp base to house the body (torso form) and then building a wire cage to go around them.

So that's how we spent our time, building our girls, painting, collaging the paper mache bodies, creating fun hats for them and then accessorizing them with fabric and decorating their wire skirts. As we worked, we decided to carve niches out of the front of the paper mache and made little bunnies to sit inside. I had a really bad sinus headache, so Jane was kind enough to fix my wire skirt which was a complete mess since i didn't measure my lengths very good!

here's a pic i took of our dolls together before Jane headed home.
Mine is done for the most part, just need to paint my bunny. When you have time, stop by to see how Jane's is coming along.


  1. Kecia!!!!! I LOOOVE them!!! Seriously fantastic!! Totally thinking you need to teach this as a class!!!


    you and jane rule!!!

  2. These babies are so artful and adorable. I LOVE all lace!

  3. You and Jane are extremely creative and I love that you put your heads together to come up with this idea!

  4. oh kecia! I just love thise dolls! I wish I lived nearby, I want to come play with you and your friend Jane!
    I love everything you make!
    hey, are you going to county living fair this year?
    have a great weekend

  5. love the dolls and I love how you gals both do big ones. I wish I could play too.

  6. Love these dolls! I have a few hanging around the house but my family thinks that they are creepy! lol.....
    xo Rochelle

  7. Congrats to Dillon. That is great!!


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