Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top Hat Derby winner

Sorry about being MIA for a few days and not picking a winner, as one other player had computer issues and was trying hard to get her hat online for us. alas, it didn't work out, but we know the effort to play was there! I was hoping to have more players, but I greatly appreciate those of you who took the time out to participate.

So anyway, we have picked out winner (judges being jeff, dillon and i) and decided that Cheryl of Artsy Fartsy was the winner. Not only did she decorate a top hat, but she made them out of cardboard! So we were pretty impressed by that. I am hoping to talk Cheryl into doing a tutorial for those of us who played.

The prize for the derby was this little trophy that i made, which i will be mailing off to Cheryl! So Congratulations to Cheryl and the rest of us for taking the time to play along and have some fun!


  1. perfect......
    i have the hardest time signing it isnt cooperating, lol

  2. Congratulations to Cheryl! I too was impressed that she made them out of cardboard, and such variety. And Kecia, the trophy you made is just too charming.


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