Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shameless self promoting

Today i took a drive over to Princeton, NJ to do some self promotion. not my favorite thing to do as i'm an artist. i like to sit and create and then magically hope that something good will come my way. Well that's not the way it works and it takes some self promoting, getting out there, talking and showing off your stuff. why is that hard for some of us? i suppose, for some, it is an issue of self confidence. to me i'm just not comfortable saying "hey, look at what i made". and for the longest time, if someone complimented a necklace i was wearing (made by me), i'd politely say, thank you and leave it at that. But now that i am an instructor, blogger, artist (and all those other hats!), i 've learned to step up to the plate and say, "thank you very much, i made it". Usually they want to know more and i've become more comfortable sharing about me and my art/jewelry. Could be the navy brat in me, who moved around every few years and my motto was to be seen and not heard. i always eased my way into things after i accessed and evaluated.

so back to today. I saw on facebook that Gina La Morte, founder and editor-in-chief of Boho Magazine, was going to be at The Whole Foods store in Princeton today. I first discovered the magazine last summer and loved the fact that it was based in New Jersey and that it is eco friendly, about handmade and going green. i really thought my boho bangles (and yes, i had already named them that before i heard of the magazine! if you saw them, you'd know why i named them that....) would be a great fit for their magazine.

so i drove the hour it took to get there and headed in to accomplish my goal for today of self promotion. So i did indeed meet Gina and got to talk with her for a bit before things got too crazy (they were promoting a special event called Green from head to toe expo). i tried to talk myself up the best i knew how and talked about my boho bangles (and i was wearing a few for effect) and then i asked if she wanted to see more; so got my stash out. they were a big hit; so hopefully they'll be in a Boho issue sometime! regardless of what becomes, it was a nice time and i enjoyed getting my face out there, talking up my art and my home decorating style and meeting new people.
I also got to meet this nice gal, Justine, of she's got some great tshirts(eco friendly apparel) for sale at Whole Foods and let me tell you, they are nice and soft. they have the right amount of give and stretch; meaning it feels fitted without that "tight" lycra feel. i give them 2 thumbs up for comfort and style! She pulled a tshirt out of her stash that she thought i might like that reads "going going green" - and i did love it (wearing it right now!)

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  1. Kecia, good for you! It is great that you went out there and promoted yourself. From meeting you and taking one of your classes, it is obvious that you are a very talented individual. I understand your reluctance to self promote, because I do the same thing. Your comment has given me more confidence to be out there. So today, you helped yourself and me. Have a great weekend! Also thanks for the intro to BoHo Magazine :)

    Big Hug...Sandy D.


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