Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day gift

today i received the best gift ever and that was to spend some time with Dillon. he's very busy with school, improv, his girlfriend, his friends - you know; being a teenager. but today we got to hang out and i really enjoyed it. first we hit the dog beach to look for beach trash that i will use in an art project for COA (clean ocean act). it was really windy and chilly; so we were bundled up. and we didn't really find that much trash. i'll have to keep hitting the beaches a few more times so i have enough to do this project. We did find a bunch of tennis balls that i gathered up and left and the opening of the dog beach for owners who forgot to bring one.

then we headed home and went exploring in our own back yard. behind our house is a field that belongs to the quarry, Clayton. and if you slip behind the metal fence at the end of the field, you into what eventually becomes the quarry. lots of found object stuff back there, let me tell you you! anyway, we explored the quarry area and i watched dillon climbing on all the equipment. dillon and his friends come back here alot (well to the general area of the field, marshes, etc.) so he knows it well. there are a couple of small small bodies of water back there; which i want to figure out how to get closer to and check out the birding situation.

then we hiked over to this other area where a new home is being built next to another lake. wow, it is an amazing home and HUGE! we sort of illegally went inside and looked around. it's probably a 3 million dollar home with the house and property.

now we are back home and hanging out. all that fresh air and wind made us tired!


this is a picture i took of dill today that i altered into a poster. pretty cool, huh?


and this was another photo i took and then played with it in photoshop. the one on the far left is the original. i like how by adusting the lighting and contrast in the middle photo, you can now see is eye through the rock.


  1. Sounds like a great time, did you find any bird's nests?

  2. Hi Kecia,
    OH this is just the most wonderful post! Looks like such a special day. The pictures you took are gorgeous. Your new project sounds really cool.
    Happy Mother's Day Sweetie.


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