Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bellagio walking tour

after my dad left to go back home, i grabbed a cab from Luxor and headed over to Paris, where i was checking in for 5 days to attend the art retreat, Artnsoul. It was only 10am, but i got to check in - so i was happy about that. i dropped off all my stuff and then i saw our view. we had an incredible view of the Eiffel tower overlooking the pool. i thought it was really pretty.

so i headed over to the check in area for the retreat and ran into a few friends. they recommended that i head over to the Bellagio and check out the hotel lobby and garden area.

so that is what i did. it was a beautiful day, so i headed out in the sunshine and made the walk over to Bellagio. if you've never seen the Bellagio, you must someday! it is simply gorgeous and surrounded by a huge body of water, which is where the fountain show goes on every 15-30 minutes. i took zillions of photos over there and that was before even going inside.

inside the lobby, i was treated for an amazing display of glass flowers on the ceiling by artist Dale Chihuly. you want to talk about beautiful art! and to be displayed like that in such a grouping; it was breathtaking. also, since it was Chinese New Year, they had their garden area and front desk set up to celebrate Chinese new year. again, more beauty, creativity and much more! i enjoyed the quiet time of walking around and shooting pictures of all of it. there will be more pictures of it later, when i took my friend, Z to see it for herself.

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