Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm in San Diego! Got to my hotel around 1:00pm, unloaded my stuff and then went to see the area. i ended up walking for about 3 hours. i explored the little town area, had lunch and then walked through the neighborhoods to the beach accesses. (it's a cliff side town, so you have to find a beach access and then walked down quie a few stairs to get to the beach). it was a little chilly, so i opted not to go onto the beach, but just kept walking around and taking pictures and taking in the sites. this morning i am renting a car and taking a drive. i'm going to see my friend, Jennifer's, store in Solana Beach (It's called, "Leaping Lotus"). then i'll be heading down to check out the Tijuana bird estuary (on the U.S. side) should be a nice day; although it is chilly and overcast. just waiting for the rental car company to come pick me up so i can head out.


  1. Hey Kecia....thought that was you in Suzi's yard...! Tell us all about it!!! oxo

  2. it's monday morning and we are all done with our San Diego Mermaid class! I am so happy to have meet you too Kecia! I'll be sorting out my thoughts and posting soon! So much to process! :-)

    Have a great hair day! Becci

  3. Yes it was a girl in a blue San Diego....looking forward to seeing your mermaid!


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