Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mermaid hair

I'm flying out to San Diego (Encinatas) on April 22nd to take a 2-day class with Suzi Blu. we are painting mermaids. a few of us have decided to wear colorful mermaid wigs, crowns, bunny ears, etc. all in the name of fun!


  1. hello you! i've not read any blogs in an age and i find i have missed out on seeing all my friends. so i'm starting with You! love your new dark hair!! sooooo pretty. and you'll be so close to me! i'm very tempted to fling my car in your direction. our spring break is the week before you are in the san diego area. but it sure would be fun to see you!

  2. class with suzi blu. now that will be fun! I got here via your facebook. I'll follow for sure. If you like my blog please follow as well. happy friday. can't wait to see your mermaids...

  3. Jeeze, I'm tempted to drive down to see you as well! It's not like there's anything keeping me here (like a JOB)....


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