Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We have a winner!

So dillon and i took over our hefty load of change to Commerce bank (for those of you who have a Commerce, you can use their change counting machine for FREE! you do not have to have an account there!)

On the way there, the bucket full of pennies fell over. when we got to the bank and opened the door, pennies spilled out everywhere! so that was fun picking them up! (it spilled when i was trying to make a left onto Route 35 - and for those of you that knows New Jersey, you know that trying to make a left is like taking your life in your hands!

So we get inside and start to use the machine, which immediately freezes up! dillon and i roll our eyes at each other, because this is a constant thing in our lives - NOTHING EVER GOES EASY! So a teller comes over to help out and has to pull out the machine and change out the bags which are all full. This takes about 15 minutes and a line is forming to use the machine.

We get going again - the change counter actually works pretty fast. so within no time we had poured in all our change and got our total. are you ready? our total in change was


So, the winner is Michelle, who answered my call out from the ArtandSoul Yahoo group to play - she guessed $755.11 - which was only off by $6.53! Not bad Michelle!

here is a picture of her prize. i hope she likes it! i will be mailing it out to her tomorrow.

thanks for playing everyone! look for posts from Alaska!


  1. Well that was a fare sum you collected, thanks for the update, that was fun to participate and your necklace prize is just beautiful!! what did you use as the base?

  2. Whoa! How cool is it that you have THAT much money! Thank you thank you! That necklace is just gorgeous! I'll definitely enjoy wearing it and will enjoy the many compliments! :-)

    Have a great trip!

  3. Oh, how fun!! That's a nice sum of $$ for your cruise, and I'm sure it felt pretty effortless to just dump your change out each day.

    The necklace is beautiful! Thanks for a fun contest. Hope I win next time. :-)

  4. Luck-ee Winner! What a gorgeous pendant! I LOVE all the layers! Hope you have a great trip!


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