Wednesday, June 27, 2007

finally got this finished!

i've been working on this pendant/charm for myself for a few weeks. i've just sort of been doing bits and pieces of it here and there until i got it just the way i wanted it! a couple of times i didn't like what i had on it, so i just started over! but now it is finally right.

it is 2 large dominos that i glued together. i did the edges first with different colors from StazOn stamp pads (green,blue, red). when that finally dried, i made gold dots around the edge with a paint pen.

next i gessoed the dominos and then watercolored them. i actually did a couple layers of watercolors for strength. then i stamped the image (which is from Tiponi/ then i stenciled some small black diamonds next to the face to add some contrast to the text i was going to add. the text is my favorite saying: "to seek that which nourishes my soul". then i gave a quick spray with copper kettle Color mist - my favorite colormist color.... ( finally i added my bails to hold my chain and viola! done!
I will be wearing it at some point on the cruise, which is why i finally finished it!


  1. I love this double domino necklace. Very cool idea. I bet you get lots of compliments when you wear it on the cruise ship. Also, the prize charm/pendant is lovely (you do very well with bird themes).

  2. Need I say it again ? Okay I will :) That is a nice creation ! I hope you get LOTS of compliments and questions --so you can hand out cards for your Etsy shop ! Have a terrific time and remember: being on holiday means all food is fat and calorie free woohoo ! Look forward to your next blog posting, take care :) Tracy

  3. Take many many photos & have a fabulous time! Safe travels!

  4. Very cool cool cool!


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