Monday, November 6, 2017


I’m having a hard time tonight. A good friend died unexpectedly last week and it’s crushing my soul.  I’m making do this week. Day by day- still alive as someone died. These feelings Always takes me back to 2 things: what happened to tucker and the death of my best friend, Michele. 

My friend, Maija, passed away last week. What an amazing woman she was. I’m sorry i never grabbed her, looked her in the eye and said- “sister, you are fucking amazing”. Heavily, tears fall from my eyes and they don’t seem to want to let up. 

On instagram, i started following a sweet, special needs pup, name tucker. Tonight, i learned he has passed away. Heartbreaking because it’s reality of how fragile life is - something i fear every day for my child. I cried over every video:relating this sweet dog to my child. It’s a loss to the core. 

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