Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beautiful Rhode Island

Zipped over to Rhode Island to visit my friend, Linda, for a week. She told me her husband was going out of town and did I want to come? Yeah, duh! We had a lot of fun together. We decided first off that we wanted to create Garden angels, which somehow we started calling our Garden Druids. Pretty much we worked on them almost the whole week (a little bit on them every day and then running out to shop, eat, beach it, etc. ) So it was a nice combo of doing a variety of things. We used a lot of organic items on them found at the beach or things we'd been saving "for just the right project". 

Here's mine at home in her new spot on the back porch: 

We hit the beach a few times looking for treasures, driftwood and taking pictures of the wildlife, rock stacking : 

Watched an Osprey momma feeding her crew

We also made our own upcycled dream catchers: 

and did some dyeing:

and lastly, you know i like my critters. they were to be seen everywhere!

we made the most of our time while enjoying art, friendship, cocktails, beautiful weather, nature and wildlife. couldn't have asked for a nicer more spontaneous vacation!

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  1. This is such a beautiful post! like each and every image is just gorgeous and i am sure that a lot of thought went into it


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