Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

So how did you spend your Mother's Day? This post is to share how I spent my mother's day. 

No, I didn't go to some delightfully, delicious brunch. And no, I didn't spend my morning sipping yummy tea and smelling my beautiful roses that I received. (I'm detecting some sarcasm here).

So how did I spend my morning? Well it all started with this hole and a missing puppy named Ivy:

I was outside with Ivy cutting some wisteria for a picture I wanted to post on fb (that would be this picture): 

When I was done taking the picture and ready to go inside, I call to Ivy. But she doesn't come. And she doesn't come, and she doesn't come. I run into the house thinking maybe Jeff let her in (and mind you all total, from her being with me and then gone, about 2 minutes). Nope, she's not in the house. Jeff comes out and we start looking everywhere. Calling her name, looking in the field beyond my house, the neighborhood next door, and out front. No Ivy. Last week, Jeff said she tried to get under the deck (where we suspect a raccoon was living over the winter). But he had blocked all that off. I double checked that area and yep, still blocked. So we start taking a flashlight to look through the grooves in the deck and I said, what about this part of the deck? (it juts out from the main part of the deck and there is very little space under there). So on a hunch I go to the other side and clear out some of the leaves and little wrought iron fence  and find a hole. Hmmmmmmm. 

Not many other options, but to start pulling up boards and seeing if we can see her. (and part of me was still worried that she had some how gotten out of our gated backyard and was running wild throughout Wall Township. 

We pulled up some boards and then start going through the pattern underneath to see where she might be.  Finally Jeff can see her all the way at the end of the deck, near the hole

(you can see her eyes glowing to the left of the big rock on the right side) i took the picture by putting my head into the opening and pointing my cell phone towards the other end.

So then we have to go pull up another board towards that end, which is now just turning into a big mess. 

we get the board up and try and pull her out, but she is STUCK. she couldn't even make a sound, she was so stuck. all we could see was her tail. Jeff cleans out a bunch of dirt and then we have to remove yet another board. 

Finally as Jeff pulls up the other board, I can put my hand underneath and grab her collar, while moving more dirt out of the way. She is finally able to wiggle and I pull her out.

HOORAY! she was quite scared and filthy. so she got a bath and then cuddle time to settle down.  Jeff and I decided we were exhausted by the whole event. So happy Mother's Day to me, I am off to bed!


  1. She was merely exploring, trying to find long-buried junk for you to use in some new artwork. I can tell. ;) I love her little smile of relief!

  2. Poor baby! So glad this story had a happy ending and you both look like you could use a cold beer:O)

  3. More than enough adventure for one day!


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