Sunday, October 27, 2013

dog shaming at its best!

You've heard of dog shaming? It's where you take cute pics of your fur baby feeling contrite about some "alleged" offensive act, lol. I've submitted them. Kashie peeing on my suitcase. Sophie pooping in my studio and me tracking it all around (arg!). but here is the ultimate! For the last few days, Gracie has had UNBEARABLE gas. I mean , it's horrible. It was so bad that at one point I thought I would throw up and seriously my eyeballs welled up and teared.

So tonight in my studio, she gases me again and i start BITCHING! I  say to my husband, what the hell is going on? We start narrowing down things that she could be eating outside and then he suddenly looks contrite and says, "oh, i know what it is". He's been adding some "extra" treats (human goodies) to her meal. So of course I go ballistic! I tell him, YOU ARE SO DOG SHAMED!  and it's not Gracie's fault. He agreed, (good sport!)

the sign says " I fed my dog "human" food making her EXTREMELY flatuence and diaper worthy. It was so bad that our eyes teared up and hurling was involved.


  1. Well I have to admit that this is the FIRST human shaming sign I've seen. Now how man others will fess up to being the instigator of their poor puppy's bad behavior!

  2. ROTFL!!! Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine!! xoxo

  3. thats pretty funny! !
    happy day Kecia!

  4. OMGosh! I can so relate! I always figure it was something my husband fed our boxer when the poor baby gets gaseous or spits up. My husband loves to torment me with threats of feeding our boxer outside his healthy dog food. Funny thing is, I wouldn't be the only one suffering. Thankfully, the threats rarely materialize. Your husband was a great sport to fess up.


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