Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Arts painting class April 13th & 14th

I'm happy to announce that I've been asked to teach my painting

style at Random Arts. I just taught there in Oct and it is the 

greatest little set up. Roomy and comfortable and a store on hand 

 to buy your supplies. I just love it there.

Divine Messengers

In this 2 day painting class, we will explore a variety of 
techniques for creating backgrounds. i know, I know,
everyone knows how to make a background. However, do 
you know how to make them my way? I'll show you the way 
that I work, the process that I go through as I take my
 paintings from beginning to end. We will explore beginning
 with abstract, creating great texture and then calming the
 storm by adding a focal point. I have some fun exercises 
lined up to practice ideas first before we turn to our canvas.
I can assure that you will have a lot of fun in this class! We 
will be making marks, moving color, scribbling, waxing,
burning and more! No piece of mind ever looks the same,
because in this process, it's all about non perfection and
 freedom to accept our work as it develops. 

class info:

dates: April 13th and 14th 2013

location: Random Arts, Saluda,North Carolina

please email, Jane Powell, owner of Random Arts for more 

information (


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