Wednesday, December 14, 2011

jesse reno class


Taking a class with Jesse Reno, you will soon find that anything goes. there is no planning and there is always more work to be done. I advise you to listen carefully to his words, write them down and begin to process them. He is an amazing story teller, which is obvious from his paintings. It is also very inspiring to listen to him discuss the deeper meaning to his work. It is authentic in a way that i have never worked before. I know how to pour love into my jewelry , but it was very challenging for me to do it in a painting.

I have not painted much and certainly am not trained or have had schooling (but neither has jesse), but i found myself comparing my work to others in class and that is not a good thing to do. It can really take away from the experience as I found out on day 3 when i thought my stuff looked like crap compared to others. When I awoke on day 4, I decided to change my ways. I had to remember that these are not being judged (only by myself perhaps) and that it was time to not be so invested in the "perfect piece" and to really, stop caring so much. I teach about freedom and restrictions when I am instructing on my personal style in my jewelry pieces, but found it hard to find that freedom in class. I think i was planning too much. After that, anytime i found myself doing too much planning, I either walked away or moved onto a different piece. I was getting caught up in the "i don't want to ruin it". on day 4 i actually did wreck a piece. It went from really cool, to a total disaster- i mean, i hated it when i was done. But i felt good to let go of that perfection and fear. So i wrecked a piece, big deal. I still have a long way to go, that's for sure. His process takes practice, especially for someone who feels so challenged with drawing, shading, understanding color and placement, etc.

and i will definitely take another class with him. there is always more to learn and it seemed like on the last day, things were starting to sink in.

these pictures show the process from beginning to end on my big 4x4 canvas piece. It still has a long way to go. There are things i want to change, add, remove and on and on. It is still too calculated for me, but one step at a time, i suppose.


Now let me take you on a tour of our amazing lodging, called The Hacienda Mosaico. The pictures do not do it justice. It is just magical. "It is located in Colonia Versalles, a typical upscale Mexican neighborhood that affords visitors a chance to experience the charm of daily life in old Mexico. You will find cobbled streets, where tortillerias and markets catering to the locals rather than the tourists…"

The best perk of my time there, was Stella, the sweet little maltese, who is always around for a hug and some lovin. She likes to encourage her guest to go swimming as she loves to run around the pool while others swim.

you can also view all my photos on flickr and see pictures from my visit to Olde Towne, shopping the market and of my visit to the local cemetery.


I love this picture i took of jesse during a demo/lecture. He is interesting to listen to and says the most amazing things. He weaves a story with his work, but also through his hands as he speaks. He is a fascinating, wise person and I count myself lucky to have spent so much quality time with him. i feel i left a better person in understanding that true art comes from the heart with no other expectations but to be authentic and being true to yourself.


  1. What?! Those are beautiful!! I really love them!! It looks like so much fun!!

  2. Wow! Journeys in art most times turn out to be journeys in self-discovery. And that seems like exactly what this was for you. I understand everything you said. I too get that sinking feeling when I've done something that cannot be undone. As a society we've become so accustomed to the "undo" command on the computer, that when it comes to real art (or real situations), we have forgotten how to make mistakes and how to fix something. Loved "coming along" with you on Facebook an thanks for sharing your journey! xoxo

  3. Well firstly it is not should be very proud of it, but you know that is how I feel with fabric, like when I had a meltdown in Ruth's class before I stared, I was so hung up on how talented everyone else was with fabric and machines that I couldn't chill....when I did I created a piece that I did not love but which I could look at and think, "well there will never be another one like it" lol.....we are our own worst critics especially when we move out of our comfort I applaud you for your wondful piece xxx oh yes and the hacienda is my kind of place, totally amazing

  4. Thank you for sharing! I learned something from the things you said. I call myself a "recovering perfectionist " so I can really identify with the things you said about over planning and being critical of your work. Your pieces are beautiful!!! I don't think you need to worry sister you're doing just fine! : )

  5. I love your spirit of adventure . The freedom to express ones self with ART is an amazing GIFT ! One that YOU have in abundance . Keep on living the creative life .Thank you for sharing your trip with us .. XOXO ..PS The painting is way cool

  6. I know it's bad and I shouldn't be but I'm jealous!!! It looks like you had an amazing time. Your paintings are wonderful. I was the same way once always pickin at my work my friend said (I stitch a lot of sayings by hand) you just need to stitch no tracing just freehand and now that what I do so liberating. I adapt it if I have to but there's no pressure. You did an awesome job!!!
    One of my favorite quotes: To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

  7. I think your work looks totally evolved in each picture. How wonderful!!!!

  8. That place looks amazing!! And so do your paintings!!
    I just ordered a book of jess's from etsy... I cant wait to see it.. filled with sketches! I Love pv and cant wait to go back!
    I think Traci Verdigo is teaching there too!
    I have actually admired your work for a long time.... I think you are nothing short of BRILLIANT!!


  9. So well written! It was one of the highlights of my year.
    Miss you! :)

  10. Seems almost like a life changing experience. Thanks for sharing it. And that photo of your hand is one of my favorites from 2011!


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