Tuesday, June 8, 2010

getting there

well, unfortunately, my friend, kim, has come and gone. i told her in an email, "i waited so long for you to come visit me and it went by so fast". i feel badly that i was not 100% in a present state of mind, but i do realize that it could not be helped. she had a rare glimpse into the struggles we go through and it was hard to move between the two worlds of playing hostess and worry. she was a shoulder to lean on though and i'm glad she understood the circumstances. she knows me well and knows that i internalize all this anguish, sorry, worry and angst. she's a sweetie though. she left me a little gift in the camper that jeff only found today; a beautiful necklace that she made just for me. during her visit, she updated her facebook status, which read,
"spending the weekend at a darling faerie cottage....it's magical"

while she was here, i took her to the beach, to my favorite restaurant, Pete and Elda's, to my really junky flea market, to the Ocean Grove Flea Market, to the dog beach, Gee Gee's for pizza and skeetball and we even hit the movies (Iron Man 2, where we both declared Robert Downey, Jr. to be "hot").

we also tried to go geocaching, but the gps kept getting us lost. along the way of getting lost, we saw the cutest young man (Orion) on a skateboard, wearing a fedora, being pulled by a pit bull (kai). of course we had to pull over and take his picture. (see very last photo)

while she was here, i discovered a nest that has 6 baby wrens in it. that's a lot of babies! and then also when we were walking the dog beach, on our way back to the car, i found a nest that had 4 eggs in it. inside the nest is a beautiful blue feather (see 2nd to the last photo). the momma bird was a tiny beautiful little yellow/green bird. when i got home i got out my NJ birding book and found out that the bird saw was a yellow warbler. cool!

ocean grove flea market

out and about locally

we noticed this guy right before kim was leaving. he was chirping up a storm. when i moved in close to take his pic, he hopped inside the bird house for safety!

6 little wren babies in a house just outside my back deck

yellow warbler nest

Tj, Orion and Kai


i think tuck is almost there (knock on wood for me please). we had a pretty good day today, with very little coughing. i'm hoping this is a good sign.


  1. I am so glad Tucker is feeling better.....the air quality is definitely a help...the last 2 days have been perfect. Good to see you were able to enjoy some fun this weekend.....love the gee gee's picture...that is my daughter's home away from home(she works there).

  2. So glad to read Tucker is feeling a bit better. I agree with Geralyn, the air quality has improved 110%. Here's hoping you can also get a bit of rest.

    Also glad you had fun with Kim. Ocean Grove was such a blast, I found so many neat things. Hope you did too!

  3. Glad to hear Tuck is doing better.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Kim

  4. it was truly truly truly magical! i love all the time we spent together in the cabin and those 2furry girls of yours...i miss their daily wake calls and cannot wait to come back to nj!! xox


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