Tuesday, October 16, 2007

well, i got a little work done today. felt a little better in the morning, but then i started that dang sneezing again and got all clogged in the head again. i guess my head cold is running parallel with allergies now! good times- love blowing my nose like 100 times an hour! tonight i am wearing one of those nose strips to help open up my sinuses.

i made a beautiful practice piece using misty mawn's techniques. i'm not going to blog it though as i just used the same picture she did (even though i drew it myself and painted it all myself), but i just don't want any misunderstandings). but it really turned out beautiful if i do say so myself! (i will email you what it looks like if you really want to see it).

i mailed kim her jewerly box - so that will be fun for her to receive. oh and i also finished the tiara for Carol. she's coming over this weekend for a final fitting! Now i've got to knuckle down and get stuff ready for black friday.

on thursday, my online friend, Andrew/&rew of www.urbanpaperarts.blogspot.com is coming down from North Jersey to visit with me. we are going to be making our Artfest booklet into a book to take to Artfest. Andrew took some awesome classes this summer on bookmaking (and dang i can't remember who the teacher was - sorry!) it turns out that he was in the same class as another friend of mine, Shar, who i met at Artiscape. Andrew and i are also in a photojournal yahoo group - so it is cool that we are finally meeting. after we are done with our books, he is going further south to Wildwood to stay the evening there. he does awesome photography and wants to take some photos of some of the vintage hotels down there with their neo doo wop style. i think some modern buildings are going up though with the same type of look. i'm going to have to add that to my list of things to do as well. i've been down there once and did notice all the old type of hotels with their interestings neon signs - but this was way before i went digital! i told him to go see this huge elephant name Lucy, who is also in the area. Lucy, is a building actually - built as a tourist attraction in some little town by Atlantic City. again, slipping my mind - Barnegat, maybe. i' ve seen her once and took a few photos. have to drag them out.


  1. It was Pam Sussman who was our teacher for the week long Book Arts Corterie, and it is Starlux hotel that I am staying at. &rew

  2. can't wait to look at the pictures! wish i had the time to tag along!

  3. Hi Kecia, it was nice having breakfast with you!
    I'm feeling the same way, can't breathe or stop sneezing, I've been miserable ever since I got home. Try Zicam for sinus or allergies, it's really helped, at least I can function when I use it.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Gee the cold/allergy syndrome has spread here too ! Feeling okay today but the sinuses are having a revolt and the sides of my head have decided to not blow up today yay :)
    I received my free samples from Ficklefaerie of Etsy yesterday ( for naming some of her Halloween soy tarts ) and even though I was sneezing and snorkling away I could smell those tartolas before I opened the mail box ! Can't wait until I'm all clear to try one, from what I could smell they smell delish !
    So you're going to Artfest too ? I checked the site and would have joined but, alas, practically all the classes are full. At least it's now in my favs. for 2009 ( should have enough nickels and dimes saved up by then ). Nice to finally find something that's not too far from home.
    Anyhoo my dear, feel well soon ! My dear husband has been sleeping on the couch ( as i did when he was snorkling away ) and I've been sleeping with a thick sweater on, under two thick blankets --going to sweat that sucker out !

    Hugs, Tracy xOO

  5. you are quite the busy bee!!!
    take some time and have some tea and relax, sweet k...
    ps..i just bought some wonderful tea from NUMI..yummy

  6. Kecia, you have my email, send the picture!!!Want to see your beautiful work.


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