Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

i thought i 'd share some photos of halloween's gone by! starting with the picture at the bottom (closest to the posting) here are the descriptions: Enjoy!
pictures 1-4: from a Halloween party i held one year. the third one in the bathroom had people really freaked out!
picture 5: Tucker as a nerd, Eugene.
picture 6: Me and my friend, Michele. another friend, Kathy was also dressed up as 50's housewife, but i can't find a pic with all 3 of us. we called ourselves Helen, Harriet and Hazel.
picture 7: me dressed up as bride ghoul. we went out to a bar that night.
picture 8: dillon dressed as a lion - age 3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!
picture 9: jeff (my husband) and dracula and dillon as Link, from Legend of Zelda (i made his costume!)
picture 10: me, jeff and dillon going to a Halloween party. i was Mrs. Roper!
picture 11: tucker as a spanish bandito
picture 12: tucker as Elvis
picture 13: pepper and kirby as frankenstein's
picture 14: lilly as a catepillar
picture 15: a bat we rescued - not on halloween - but thought it was appropriate to show today! he apparently crashed into a tree. we put him into a box until he regained his senses and then let him go when he was awake!


  1. Happy halloween! Loved all your pics but the bathtub did give me the bloody willies! What a time your family must have... so what is for this year? hugs

  2. Just knew you would have great photos for Halloween!!! Loved seeing them!! We have bats, every August/September that eat from our fig tree, Spencer and I use dto sit out in the evenings and watch with binoculars...bats are so interesting!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you, tucker, dillion and hubby!!!! -from Sandra, Vegas and Luchia...Spencer is at a Halloween it is just me and the doggies!!

  3. Happy Halloween!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures! What great photos.
    We had a bat come down our chimney this summer. I should have thought to post our picture, too. :)

  4. So Fun! I love looking back at our family's old halloween photos. Of course, when I was little, I always dressed as a princess - I must have known that some day I would become Queen! heehee
    Thanks for the nice comment about my new blog banner. I was in a bit of a blog banner snit yesterday!
    luv ya,

  5. What a fun bunch of photos! Now there is a family who enjoys each other and enjoys the festivities of a holiday! Your doggie and kitty costumes were a hoot!

  6. wow!! What great pics!!! I think the bathtub scene is the scariest!!! lol

    Thanks for poppin in on my blog and posting a comment for my Giveaway!!!!! :)
    Did i see correctly..that you were in Portland for Art & Soul????
    ohhh my goshhhhh...was that not the BEST time ever????? :)

    So nice to 'meet' you.. off to read more of your blog!


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