Saturday, October 20, 2007

light box

Today i am working on lightboxes. this was a class i took with Tim Holtz this summer and i'm just now getting some done! i have 5 i want to get done for the black friday show. i'm calling this one "Play". it is painted inside and out and has been texturized, stenciled, stamped, collaged and drawn on! the inside is basically assemblage of things that work together. this one was leaning towards little girls, so that is the direction i went when trying to find things for inside. blogger is being difficult, so the rest of the pictures of this box can be found on my flickr site. (find flickr box below on right side scrolling towards the bottom!


  1. wow I love this. Its beautiful! Really stunning. I am sure it will sell very well!

    I see you have been busy:) So many lovely things! Its fun too see the birds almost everywhere in your work. Makes me smile. Its always a treat for the eyes visiting your flickr site:)

  2. this is darling, you are the expert at your craft, my sweet friend....

  3. very cool; I bet they sell out quickly.


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