Wednesday, October 17, 2007

today i tidied my room and studio a bit - since returning from artnsoul - everything is absolutely everywhere. i keep cleaning up my studio and then next thing i know, it is a mess again. that can only mean one thing - my studio needs to be BIGGER!!!! (maybe my husband will read this!) it is a cute little studio, but it is very narrow and i think i am out growing it. i dream about it being bigger and how i would go shopping for cool Anthropolgie furntiture to totally do it up (big dream there!). i would add some lighting above me and make it very bright. i've got 7 different lights in there and it never seems bright enough! but there is no light coming from above me - just from the sides. there would be tons of storage that is labeled - cuz i am sick of looking for things. or i put something somewhere thinking i will remember where it is - NOT! right now i can't find my drill bits which i put somewhere after packing up my soldering stand (where they were before). i hate when i do that! i would also add some french doors that would open up to a tiny little balconey where i would have some plants and hang a feeder to get the birds to stop by (i told you i was dreaming, so it is okay to go overboard here!)

and then while we are at it, we might as well redo the bathroom up stairs (the one i use). it is tiny and kind of icky. i've decorated it cute and all, but it is old and needs serious updating. there are 2 closests on either side of the bathroom (behind walls) - so those walls could be blown out and then i would have a nice big bathroom. maybe some day!

i worked on 5 little buckets that i decorated for christmas. (for the holiday show). i used vintage christmas books for the images and they turned out really cute. then i had to go to work - so that is all i got done.

tomorrow Andrew will be here and we will be making out books. we are having soup and salad for lunch and i made the soup tonight - potato cheese soup - yummy!

tucker had ancupuncture tonight (she comes here to the house). we feel that it is really helping him. we've noticed him sleeping better at night, allergies aren't as insane, he's calmer in his wheelchair and his back on the left side seems more relaxed. all good signs. he's not crazy about it when he's getting it done, but then he gets really sleepy. one of these days i'll take some pictures (she comes when i am at work) and put them on my blog.


  1. I think we all have dreams of the perfect studio. Have fun with your art day with Andrew.

  2. I am dreaming that you get that Studio and I can come visit and make art with you!!! It is so easy to outgrow a studio, with all the supplies and things we seem to always be needing, wanting and accumulating! I should take a pic of how messy my studio has become...I love taking a day to just organize it all, but then by the end of the day it is everywhere again!! You can't create unless you can spread it all out! Maybe your new r.v./trailer/guest house should be a studio??? A traveling studio! Now that would be the best!!-Sandra

  3. hey i like that idea, a traveling studio! however, the trailer is the one thing that my poor husband can escape to that hasn't been altered, foufou'ed or has my touch! (but don't worry, you guys get to stay there when you come out in May!)


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