Monday, October 29, 2007

seen around NYC

So after leaving Tinsel Trading Company, my art friend, Andrew and i started walking. He had organized a route for us to take to hit some of his favorite stores. I was loving his organization as it is quite easy to waste time in New York because it is so big! our first stop was to a huge paper, stationary, art supply, toys, you name it store - called " Paper Presentation" (23 West 18th Street). What a great store! i had already spent a few dollars back at Tinsel Trading Co., so i was pretty good here. just picked up a couple of bags of confetti stars in an irridescent pink shade. i like to glue them onto collages.
Our next stop was a quick look into the darling "Cupcake Cafe" (18 West 18th Street). i could have been talked into a cupcake, but there was a line and the place was crowed. we were also on a time crunch to get to certain stores before closing! The cafe had an adorable seating area with vintage tables. on the other side of the cafe was a bookstore, which was also quite busy.
More walking! but i don't remember in which order we hit the next 2 stores, but they were Kates Paperie and A.I. Friedman. I bought a few sheets of paper at Kate's and a small butterly calendar that i plan to use the images in work. A.I. Friedman's was also cool - more supplies, paper, etc. i bought some golden paints that were on clearance from 14.99 to 4.95, so i was happy about that.
More walking! this time we headed to the ABC carpet and home store, (888 Broadway) which i 've heard so much about. all i can say is Oh My God! this store is gorgeous and a must to stop by if ever in NY. so much feast for the eyes! absolutely gorgeous things - but warning, extremely expensive! but what a treat. i probably could have stayed in there for hours. i didn't even bother to see if i could take pictures, because it just seems like the place that you don't even ask!
Next we crossed the street and went into a darling store that i was in once before and loved. i believe it is called Edy's Fisher, or something like that. they have great dishes, glassware, kitchenware, etc. they have an adorable line of plates with themes like Brooklyn or Central Park, etc. i'd like to go back and start collecting one of those lines.
From there we made our way through Chelsea and Greenich Village to finally end up at The Ink Pad (22 eighth ave at the corner of 12th street). what a darling little store and such a nice owner. she had so many cool stamp lines - but i was good i only picked up 2 new rubber stamps; a crown and a bird.
The last shop we hit was across the street. it was called House of cards and curiousities. it was a tiny little store filled to the rim with cool and interesting stuff. he had a great visual window display of the day of the dead, which i love.
From there it was a short distance for dinner! yay, because i was tired! we had been walking around NY for 2 hours! Dinner was at MaMa Buddha's (578 Hudson Street/corner of w. 11street). Dinner was delicious (i had garlic chicken). i really liked the restaurant and would go back again. my fortune cookie was so apropo (sp?) - it said "take a very long walk to burn off all that energy today"!
after dinner i was so glad when Andrew suggested we take a cab back to my parking garage. my legs were just a little sore! we got back to the car and then i drove Andrew to Penn Station. i just wanted to give a shout out to Andrew for taking the time to take me to his favorite stores in New York. i've never gotten to see NY like that and i had a wonderful time! i think he should start more walking tours!


  1. WOW!!! You had a WONDERFUL Saturday in New York City!! First, Tinsel Trading Company and your class (I can't wait to see your picture of your "new and improved" project from that class!) and then your tour of those amazing shops!
    I wanna go!!
    It sounded wonderful - and if I couldn't go, I loved reading your posts about it! Jan

  2. Great photos and it sounds like you had a perfect tour with Andrew.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I miss NYC some days. :)

    Cupcake Cafe's cupcakes are to. die. for. Honest. I love them. I had a birthday cake from them once. Heaven. Mmmmm....

    Fish's Eddy is the shop you're thinking of near ABC. I ♥ that shop - have lots of their 212 dinnerware myself and often give pieces are gifts (although not as often now that I don't live in the city anymore). ABC is exciting, but depressing to me. I love it until I start looking at the price tags and realise I can't afford it. *sigh*


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