Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my new friend, Inger, got her box!

I recently sent out a box to my new, sweet friend, Inger in Norway. Inger has an illness similiar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome called ME which makes her quite ill. she is often housebound and bedridden. we've become friends and i wanted to do something for her. i wanted to offer her some hope. i feel teary telling about this because even though i've been through my own personal tragedy, i feel horrible that someone so young has to be so ill and it breaks my heart at the unfairness that life offers us sometimes. I've come to recognize how lucky, we as Americans are in our lifestyles. sometimes it is humbling to realize that others don't have it so well and i just wanted to do my share - lend a hand - do something unselfish and kind for another person.
Inger just emailed me about receiving the box so i wanted to share her feelings to you as she opened it.

The box got here on monday and boy did you spoil me. You know how they say "that made my day, or they made my day"; well you made my year! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I wanted to send you an email right away but I have been too ill to do so. Going to the cinema friday was fun but it left me exhausted. I got pretty much stuck to the bed on monday so the box could not have come on a better day:) I am still more ill than usual which is why I spent 3 days on writing this email. lol.I managed to write this on monday before I had to give up (didn't get to continue to write before now)I am so excited I am jumping up and down on the inside. It was funny because I was having a bad day illness wise and hadn't slept much. So I was stuck in bed and my mum came up telling me she just picked up a package for me at the post office. So she brought it upstairs and I see its from you and get all excited (this was before I had actually opened anything. So my mum gets curious and stays put. Well the wonders that unfolded. I think she loved just taking the items out of the package (not even getting to closely at them) as much as I did. In fact she almost forgot to pick up my father in all the excitment. So to continue.. Everything in the box was so great! I loved it. I am currently loading the batteries so I can try out the camera. It looks fantastic and I cannot wait to test it out! I loved the manikin. Looking forward to getting well enough to do something with it. And I loved all the supplies so much. The magazines. Just everything. It was amazing. And there is nothing better when I am really ill to actually have something fun to look through. I am so excited about this. Everytime I look at something in the box I get excited all over again:) There is so much great stuff. I made the wooden box a temporiarly treasure chest and filled it with the coolest items from the emphrema and its already full:) I loved the pendant/charm that says hella. Its funny because thats what some of my friends say when they say hello. Hehe. I loved the super cool magnet, all the bird stuff (I think my parents will be happy with christmas), the other charms, the little stone saying joy, the charm saying "be yourself", the altered game pieces and bottlecaps, the game pieces, all the slides and vintage photos (I love that. I love old photos and slides. Its so fascinating to see), love the clothes pins and the cool inch ruler, the altoids tin (we don't get those here and I always wanted one to alter), all the stuff ready to alter, the wooden letters, the fairy dust... I could go on and on. It was fantastic. I am currently writing a blog entry about it too. On my Nordinho blog. I'll send you a link when I get around to finish writing the entry:) Is it ok if I use some of the photos from your blog entry until I get well enough to take pitcures with my new camera? Thanks so much for your kindness and for being so great! I am looking forward to getting a bit better so I can start making stuff! Thank you and thank you once again. You are fantastic!


  1. How cool that you were able to make your friend so happy.

  2. Loved reading her email to you! She will enjoy all those things for a long time!! When they say laughter is the best medicine...I hope she laughed and smiled many times as she unwrapped each treasure! You are a jewel to send that to her, especially the camera...that gift will give a thousand joys!!!-Sandra

  3. What a beautiful thing to do :) It's so nice to hear of people doing things like that, makes the world so much brighter and pushes away all those awful negative news programs !
    Have a most lovely day Kecia :)

  4. Hi Roomie! I sent off your box today, you should be getting it on Monday I would think.... I so enjoyed meeting you and staying with you...

  5. That's so nice of you to send your friend the package, but I did a double take when I read that you felt sorry for someone living in NORWAY! Hun, they have it far, FAR better than we Americans do, both wrt incomes and health care, not to mention crime and a bunch of other things such as not being in a "nightmare" "endless" war. I have chronic illness AND health insurance, and it still costs a fortune and there is NO government support of ANY kind because my husband is still clinging on to a middle class job, although heaven knows for how long. We are the middle class one paycheck away from disaster and no health care at all. So don't worry about your Norwegian friend, maybe she will be kind enough to invite you to live there someday. My husband is Norwegian descent but one generation too far to be able to go back. They have it SO GOOD, we should be so lucky. Anyway, getting off my soapbox, but just wake up girl! Americans used to be the most fortunate, like when I grew up (1950s to 70s) but NOT any more! Rich get richer, middle class get poorer, corporate welfare, but not for the rest of us. Schools lousy, college unaffordable -- so not one Nobel prize in science for an American this year! Things are NOT the way they used to be!

  6. dear anonymous - well all i can say is that you are entitled to your opionion and i am entitled to mine. just so you know that what i said verbatim is "i've come to recognize how lucky, we as Americans are in our lifestyles. sometimes it is humbling to realize that others don't have it so well". never did i say that i feel sorry for someone living in NOrway. Sounds like my use of the word "American" was offensive.

    so how about i change my statement to say: " i feel blessed in my life that i wanted to do something nice for another human being?"

    this way, the point that i wanted to do something kind isn't lost in politics.

  7. I think it is sad that anonymous did not feel like owning their words, they sure had an opinion to give. If they had spent any time at all reading your blog, they would have known that it was about giving from the heart and not about the state of America or Norway! YOu had the right thought then and now, it is so rewarding to feel like you can share some kindness with someone who is at a difficult time in their life. If anonymous had left their identity, I would send them a "care" package to spread some joy in their life. Anonymous, if you are out there, just know that the art community is a very kind, caring group of people and we would love to share some of that with you! -Sandra

  8. See this is why i love the art world. "They get it"! Sandra, how nice of you to offer a care package to anonymous. why didn't i think of that? too sleepy, i suppose. lol.

  9. See, she could have a new world of caring friends to cheer her on in her own struggles with illness. Anonymous just open your heart to the possibility that we are not about politics, but about the beautiful part of life...the creating, nurturing and giving and caring. Life is hard and we all face our battles, but it is softened when you can share that with others who really care! -sandra

  10. Why do we have to be so mean to each other?
    Why did Anonymous feel it necessary to post her rather ugly comments on your blog instead of emailing you directly?
    Why can't we give each other the benefit of the doubt before we jump on our soapbox and anonymously ream another human being out?
    I found Anonymous' comments to be offensive for two reasons.
    1. They were anonymous.
    The end.
    2. I know Keesha. It's obvious that I know Keesha MUCH better than Anonymous does.
    I know her heart.
    I know her intentions.

    Would everyone please start listening to me when I say, "BECAUSE NICE MATTERS".

    Life is too short for Anonymous comments. If you have something to say, say it and sign your name.

    Better yet, say it nicely and leave room for misunderstanding before you jump all over my friend.

    I wanted to send a box to the young girl in Norway.............but I think that Anonymous could use a surprise box.
    Gosh, if she wasn't anonymous, I could send her one.

    Love you, ninjja,
    love your heart,

  11. very well put you guys! and once again, i think i need to "clarify" something because since now i feel the need to "watch what i am saying", that when i said, "sounds like the my use of the word "American" was offensive". that isn't even the correct thing to say. i should have said - "i'll leave America out of this and simply say that " i feel blessed in my life that i wanted to do something nice for another human being."
    there, now all politics have been removed and i can sleep at night!

    and wow, had anonymous left her name, she'd be one lucky girl with all the care package/surprise offers!


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