Saturday, October 6, 2007

artnsoul - friday

Wow, what a pace we got going on! half the time i'm asking people, "what day is it?" I've been taking day classes, eating a quick bite for dinner (and a glass wine!) and then it is back for an evening class. i think if i did this again, i would only take day classes and give myself some time to breathe! but it is fun - just don't have time to appreciate it yet. kind of like the Alaska cruise; we were going at such a crazy pace, that i didn't appreciate it until i got home.

classes are going well - am learning lots and meeting so many interesting people. sammy and lisa are in my room tonight, with sammy going home tomorrow. sammy and i decided to wear our pj's to a wine party going on upstairs - which was fun. the room got a little noisey and the people next door were a little annoyed. whoops!

more pictures are going over to flickr, so take a peek. tomorrow i start my photoshop classes - can't wait. and then tomorrow night is vendor night - which means my wallet will be taking a beating!

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  1. Yes, I can attest to that: Kecia did ask me yesterday during Misty's class "What day are we today? the 3rd, no the 2nd, no, the 4th?". I said, no, Kecia, the 5th!
    But I know exactly what you mean, Kecia, I kept thinking that we were Thursday all day yesterday.....
    I hope to see you before we leave (early Sunday morn).
    No class for me today, my hub would not have been happy since he came along to spend some time together.
    So, off we go to the gigantic bookstore and other places.


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