Sunday, October 14, 2007

dang it, now i have a head cold!

lots of people were getting colds while i was at Artnsoul. i think because it got so cold and it was raining alot - when the weather changes like that, it is enevitable. anyway, i'm just kind of laying around (and not getting any work done!). i was ambitious though, i got up and showered and then went in and turned on all the lights in my studio. then i got that woozy feeling, so here i am back in bed again. my left eye feels like it is going to explode (pressure) and my ears are all clogged up. next up, i'm sure will be one of my famous headaches - yay!!! but i did manage to finish my light box thingy that i started in Stephanie Lee's class. we started with wire and paper mache. after designing with the wire how we wanted our box to look, we started wrapping it in paper mache. after letting that dry, we painted the paper mache in whatever color we wanted. i chose, green, of course - my favorite color! i then stippled some brick/orangey color about in various areas on top of the green, making it look like rust. the next step was to start gluing the fabric inside the wire panels. i opted to hand sew my pieces of fabric in because i thought it would look cooler with all the stitching. that is what took so long! before we came to class, we were told to iron on some images to our silk pieces, which we did. then you can sew those pieces into your wire panels. when the light is on, the pieces look pretty cool. so i just finished sewing. the wire cage sits on top of a wood piece that Stephanie's husband had cut for the project. a light feeds up through the bottom, plug it in and viola! i think i will alter the wood base a bit though (later when i'm feeling better!) see photos above!


  1. Sorry to hear you have a cold! The light box is very cool!

  2. Aw sorry you are not feeling well. I think it goes around. I have been (am) ill too and many of my friends all over the world too. It seems the fluish period came early this year. I blame the weather. Its super cold here. Winter came really early.

    Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried lavender filled eye pillows for the headaches? It helped me.

    Hope you get lots of rest now and feel great in no time!


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