Monday, October 15, 2007

sample from misty mawn's class

here is the class sample that Misty Mawn gave me when class was over. i was talking to her about my work telling her what i didn't like about the work i did on my face (it's the same problem i have any time i do a face - it looks flat and unrealistic - which is basically adding highlights and lowlights - which i have to practice!) - so i picked up her sample and said, this is more the direction i want - simple yet realistic. then she said i could have it! i thought that was so nice. as i said in my previous post, i really enjoy looking at it. it will be a great reference too as i practice working on faces and keeping my work "simple". sometimes i overthink extras, like arms, hair, etc. and then i don't like it. by looking at her piece i can notice how simplified she has accomplished these things. anyway, this is the little niche i created under a vintage lamp next to my bed. the yellow tea cup is stuffed with a nest. Kim and i each bought a yellow cup and saucer when we were shopping at Anthropologie in Ohio together! there are 2 darling blue birds on the front of the tea cup, which to me represent me and kim's friendship!


  1. How nice of her!
    I like how you have it arranged and, yes, it will be very helpful as you work on your own pieces.
    For me I am trying hard to remember and wish I had taken more notes ....
    Hope you are feeling better, sweetie!

  2. oh you made me cry and yes that is how i like to think when i look and my cup and saucer! i just bought a little glass something or other to set the nest you made me on it and you know those stamps that i bought at anthropologie, well, ruby & nelly ate 3 of about pissed off!!!!

  3. It must be so nice to see that arrangement of art as you go to sleep and wake up.

  4. oh, ruby and nelly - bad dogs!!!! she looked for those stamps forever!

  5. Kecia....what a delightful blog! we both used Susan Tuttle to create our blog banners....isn't she great to work with?? In fact, did you email me about my banner even before we met in Portland???? Loved meeting you in Misty's class. Perhaps we'll meet at another art retreat. I look forward to designing your necklace the beginning of December. Take care
    Diana Frey

  6. I somehow got into another screen and left a is floating out there somewhere now...I love that bird cup and saucer! I want it!! And I love that Misty Mawn gave you that, how kind and what an inspiration to wake up to each morning!! -Sandra

  7. Kecia, send me your email address & we can talk about NJ.

  8. love the yellow tea cup, and I like how you put the bird's nest it it, very "anthropologie". I love that store, the merchandising is amazing!

    P.S. how do you find the time to post so often?


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