Sunday, October 21, 2007

shorter, sassy new "do"

even though i loved my long hair, it was really getting to be very high maintenance - so i got a cut! it is shoulder length (still a little short for me, but i can start growing it back out again).i'd like to to be just a little longer. the bangs are pretty short, but i actually like them like that. this way they aren't touching my eyes, which really annoy me. i feel like if my hair is in my eyes, not only can i not see, but i also feel like i can't hear! (i know, i'm weird!) the style is very flippy with lots of layers and movement. i was a little freaked out this morning when i first blew it dry -finger fluffed (only took seconds!) because i looked like BonJovi! then i used a round brush and it settled down a bit! my husband keeps saying it reminds him of joan jett's hairstyle. guess i'll have to dye it jet black and i'll be set!
p.s. Carol picked up her crown today and she loved it!


  1. The new "do" is very cute. And, of course Carol loved her crown.

  2. Hun, I absolutely LOVE your new haircut!! It looks fabulous and is a great cut for your face - precious!!
    And I knew Carol would love her tiara! Jan

  3. Nice:) I need to cut my hair too. Its been almost one and half year since I was at the hairdresser last. I have fear of hairdressers, much more than going to the dentist. I need to have it long enough to put in a ponytail though.

    I am not suprised either Carol loved her crown. It was super cool.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  4. yeah, i miss my pony a little bit!

  5. Looks Fab!! You have such pretty eyes and a great smile, you could have a crew cut and look adorable!!! Personality just shines out of you!! I think it is very fun and with it....I don't know about you, but I like change, it makes you feel fresh, almost like you have reinvented yourself...a fresh start, new era...that kind of stuff!! Definitely an artsy look!! -Sandra


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