Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day two

First day of classes are over! Family fun with Carla Sonheim was absolutely so much fun. i made the cutest picture of my family - too bad i can't post it - darn it! she started us off by doing some drawing excercises, which were a little hard for me since i don't really draw. first we had to draw with our non dominant hand, my left - and you had to draw the person across from you - and you weren't suppose to look at your paper! my picture was horrible and i apologized to the girl, Sue, a few times. hers was not too bad of me. then we had to do a one line drawing of whatever she called out, but you couldn't lift your pen and you could only make one continuous line - no going back over a line. that was fun - but hard!

For lunch we took the shuttle back to the Embassy Suites and Zhulia and i split a ham sandwhich. then it was back to classes, where i finished up my family painting.

Waiting to catch a shuttle in between the hotels is kind of a pain, so while i was waiting a sweet lady named Tammie offered me a ride - very nice! I changed my clothes and went down to the lobby to meet up with the "charmers" group to do some charm trading. that was quite fun and i was excited to meet up with some of my yahoo buddies. it was really nice to meet Allegra, who has been recuperating from gallbladder surgery and then (2) nasty cuts on her fingers. her sweet husband was there to totally lend a hand for her. so glad i got to meet her in person! I met Laurel, who made the AWESOME pins for our charm group that we have all been proudly wearing. i met jody, sammy, barbara and so many others from the group. Caught my buddy, Lennea coming in as i was leaving for class.

okay, so off to our evening classes we went. Zhulia (from now on known as "Z") thought classes were at 6:00pm, so she had us rushing over there only to find our classroom empty. (they started at 6:30). so we grabbed a bite to eat and had a glass of wine.

my evening class was with Stephanie Lee. We were making a night light called "A glowing symbol" made of wire, paper mache, silk scraps a little bit of sewing and then some embellishments. i only got part of mine sewn as the paper mache took a while to dry. i'll do a little more before bed. (maybe). but it was fun and interesting. i've been wanting to work with paper mache for awhile, so it was good experience.

okay - signing off! Hey, Francoise, i need a link to you blog - i don't have it! email it to me at


  1. very interested site and thank you!

  2. Hello Kecia! So glad you are having a blast! Hope to see photos and hear more stories upon your return!

  3. you know there will be lots of picures to see, lindsay!

  4. I love reading these mini summaries. I saw the pitcures of your family. Too cute.

    When I was in middle school we had drawing class and had the same excerisies. Hard!


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