Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sundays goings on

Yesterday afternoon around 5 or 6pm, Jeff and i went for a little walk to the back field so i could pick up some more of the baling hay metal that i found back there. Jeff cut off little squares for me and that is what i use for my base of my grunge charms. i don't know what the metal is that they used (or how old it is), but it is hard to drill through and does not accept solder (darn it!). it is also really hard to cut! so a lot of work went into those charms. i do believe though, that after creating all these charms, i will be looking into getting a drill press.

anyway, on our way back to our yard, we saw that the baby bunny was out by tucker's window and i wanted to go tell my friend, Michele, who was here helping with Tucker. I had just told her before my walk to keep an eye out for the baby. so as i went up the stairs i saw one of the little eggs from the wrens nest. it was empty and on the ground. so i told jeff i found it and then i saw the baby from the egg on the ground. so i yelled, here's the baby - AND he's still alive! so jeff scooped up the baby bird and went into the house. i went to investigate the nest (this was the nest that had 6 eggs in it). well, i found another egg near the nest, but it was cracked with a bird still inside (but not alive and moving like the one out of the egg) and the rest of the eggs were gone. I think that momma wren moved her eggs out of the nest because that morning when she flew off they were all in there, unhatched. my guess is that that area was too busy for her - right next to the door with the dogs, kids and us coming and going. so i think she was moving her eggs and she dropped that little guy.

so we wrapped the little guy up in a towel to warm him up and then jeff got on the internet to find out what we could do for this "nestling". usually we would call our humane society but i knew they were closed at that point. jeff found a website on emergency care for a brand new nestling. feed it every 1/2 hour ( a little receipe was given) and keep it warm and in a dark spot. so we put it inside a cigar box still in the towel. then jeff fed him every 1/2 hour. i took some video of him feeding the birdie and the little guy eating. we think he had an injury, so we really weren't sure how it would go. jeff kept him in his room last night and feed him through out the night (i was finishing up my steampunk/grunge stuff). that little bird was a trooper and really tried hard, but he didn't make it. jeff said after the last feeding around 4:30am, he felt like he was going to go and by the next feeding, he was gone. not a happy ending, but we did what we could and at least he was warm and loved before he left.

This morning we buried him on the back porch in this big planter i have that is located near where his nest was. i sprinkled some flower seeds on top of the spot and then we planted a purple clematis in the planter with him.


  1. aww. poor little birdie! I have tried to rescue so many little birdies, bunnies, squirrels and what not... I never have good luck! But I always feel like if I run across an animal in need then its my responsibility to try to help it.. but really.. I'm not sure if I've ever been successful!

  2. Oh my gosh - what a story. I think it does have a happy ending - that little bird did not have to die alone and he/she is now in spirit form.

  3. wow! This is a awesome story, so glad you shared the photos also... You are such a kind person Kecia!


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