Friday, May 2, 2008

day two of classes, Stephanie Rubanio, "bedazzled butterfly box"

Stephanie Rubanio. Leighanna Light and me

Mr. Sally Jean (Brad)

Leighanna and her cute laugh. me and leighanna.

Glenny gets a dual massage.

my finished piece. me and table mate Diane (who i know from Tinsel Trading Co.)

Joyce Vance shows her piece (thanks for the image!) these are the saw blades i broke.

me using the jeweler's saw and my image mounted and cutting process.

today's class was with Stephanie Rubanio. i just love this girl. so down to earth, sweet, generous and a great teacher. i am so glad i got to take this class! i bought a piece from her last year in Portland. Then i got to see her at Artfest and she actually remembered the piece i bought (impressive enough, since i can't remember anything!). then on vendor night at Arfest, she came over while i was giving chair massage and asked for a few minutes since she wasn't feeling well. it was a pleasure to have her as a teacher. i just thoroughly enjoyed this class. everyone left that class with a beautiful piece. i mean really, see from the piece i made - just incredible.

"Z" had an evening class and Jean went out to dinner with her roommate, so i was on my own tonight. i had intentions of going back to the room and making another shadow box, but that all changed when i sat down at a table with Leighanna Light and Christine Hendry (no blog that i know of)- but she's Albie Smith's daughter! she is also a fellow Charmster. Pretty soon, Mr. Sally Jean Alexander stopped by the table for a drink with us, soon to be followed by Sally Jean and then Stephanie Rubanio and Glenny. what a time we had! our bartender, Eddie, was pouring heavy handed so everyone was feeling pretty content. Leighanna has the greatest giggle and she always brings her fingers to her lips when she laughs, which is quite cute. She is also a massage therapist, so the both of us were giving out some shoulder rubs to our little party. (especially to Glenny, who looked exhausted). Glenny is also going to Bali for the retreat with Anahata, so that will be fun to spend some time with her there. i bartered with Stephanie for some more "nuts and bolts" used in her boxes for some massage on her shoulder, which is still bothering her. it was a fun evening, which you will gather from the photos.

***i am having some mail issues with AOL, so please bear with me, if you are trying to email me and the email is getting "bounced". i'm not sure what is going on. i'll look into it when i return home. you might try leaving a message for me on my blog just in case.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Good for you!
    Check out my blog, you've been awarded.

  2. Kecia what fun you've been having

  3. hadn't heard from you so am checking your blog - you had a mighty fine time in virginia, huh!!! i'm so happy for you!!
    i'll be happy for me, too, when you email me - hahaha!
    xoxo, jan

  4. A class with Sally and Stephanie!!! Lucky you!!!It looked like so much fun!



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