Thursday, May 1, 2008

first class today with traci bunkers "uber portraits"

here's Denise (charmsters group) and Dede (from Artnest) being goofy with my muse, Yoyo. me with Yo-yo.

me, modeling my Uber portrait and Zhulia ("Z")

Yeah, it's happy hour! the drink line. not as long as Portland's line!

Traci Bunker showing us how to mount our pieces together. that's Darya Smith, from Georgia showing her way uber cool portrait of her dog, Allie.

my piece is starting to come together.

working on my quadrants.

my BTK (basic tool kit) and Traci helping out Darya.

Traci made these cute buttons for us.

my birthday buddy, Joanne who i met at Artiscape last year. i just love her!

this is Doris Arnt and Susan Lenart-Kazmer, instructors. i took this cute photo at breakfast.


  1. Kecia you are having such a fun time

  2. Hi Kecia! how great that you're away again having a good time! great portrait you did! and love your yo yo doll! I dont thing we have anyone doing classes like that around here. how fun it would be to go though!
    talk to ya later!

  3. so so fun!!
    i know dede she is a riot!!
    sound like a great time.

  4. So glad you got to take the Uber Self-Portraits class! Wasn't it the best?

  5. Your self portrait is amazing - even better in person than on line. It was fun working in front of you yesterday :D


  6. your uber portrait looks fabulous! i took that class with a couple years ago with maija by side. we had a blast with traci.

  7. hey! ruth didn't leave that comment. it was me...kelly! i had signed on earlier as ruth to work on a book blog we have. sorry for the mix up!

  8. hey kecia,
    it was good to see you again, glad we got a couple of classes together, hope you had a relaxing trip home, take care ♥
    ps. i love yoyo!!!

  9. I thought your uber portrait was one of the best in the class. I loved it. It was so great to finally meet you after reading your blog. Love all of your pictures of A&S. Missed you at Leighanna's on monday night. Wished you could of come.


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