Friday, May 30, 2008

"Bijouterie novelas" line of jewelry

these are 2 new pieces in the line of jewelry i'm creating which i am calling "Bijouterie novelas" (jewelry stories). the first piece is definitely Nina Bagley inspired using the piece of small driftwood. the doll is from the flea market. the second piece is a really cool flea market procure - a vintage match holder. the top is something similair to bakelite (but not quite). and then the box inside slides out where the matches were held.
i wanted to thank my friend, Allegra, for suggesting the cool name of "Coco" for my manikin. it's a great name and so perfect for her!


  1. The mannequin looks like the perfect place to show off your new jewelry. I love the name. By the way, I just read that in Brazil, some creative souls are calling themselves jewelery authors and their products are called authoral jewelry.


  2. Kecia,

    Your jewelry is gorgeous! I love your vintage style.


  3. Hi Kecia,
    Your new line of jewelry is phenominal , I've said this before but i'm saying it again each time I see your work it get's better and better..Keep it coming I love looking.


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