Friday, May 9, 2008

what goes on in my yard

this guy always smells my lunch when my window is open and stops by for a bite.

my front porch railing

house wren babies

this little guy will sneak up on my porch and eat tidbits i leave for him

this little guy lives under the old clawfoot bathtub in my front yard. i leave snacks and bird seed for him to munch on. could be the same guy who sneaks up on the front porch.

i just love these flowers

these two bunnies (look under left side of wheelbarrow) live across the street and love to come into the yard and munch.

this robin is building a nest in my arbor across my gate in the front yard.

when i got home from Pennsylvania the other day, (after dropping off Jean and spending the night) i took a minute when i got home to sit in my front yard and enjoy what was going on. i like to watch and see all the activity. i like knowing what is happening in my yard. like, i know a robin is building a nest in my arbor over my front yard gate. i moved some chairs in front and behind the gate to block the use of the gate while she is nesting. and i know that a squirrel has moved into a bird house that is by my front door. he scampers away quickly whenever i open the front door. i think he is the same guy who comes up on the roof and solicits snacks when he smells my lunch. i also know the 2 bunnies who live across the street like to sneak over and eat in our yard. i'll have to start leaving carrots by the wheelbarrow for them. i love watching the chipmunk who lives under the bathtub in the front yard. the westies know he lives there and they are obsessed with him. he loves to sun himself on a birdhouse i have that hangs off the tree. he's quite spoiled 'cuz of all the goodies i leave in a special spot for him. i know a sparrow has moved into one of my taller birdhouses in a corner by the fence. i 've seen them cleaning it out from last year and getting ready for their new crew. and then there is the house wren that sits on hanging plant stand that i inserted in the bathtub. she sings every morning and i know it is almost time to get up.


  1. Kecia, what a fabulous little corner of the world you must live in! All the wildlife action reminds me of where my grandparents lived when I was a child. lucky you!

  2. Kecia what a wonderful lot of things go on in your yard.
    Thanks for sharing all these sweet creatures with us
    Have a wonderful Mother's day

  3. love it - those blue iris' are beautiful - love, mom


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