Monday, May 5, 2008

more artnsoul pics

the start of my necklace for Stephanie Lee's Junk Drawer Metalsmithing
Leighanna doing some soldering

my finished necklace, "Junk drawer metalsmithing"
Stephanie doing some demo's on soldering with a butane torch - very cool!

me and sally jean after "Girls got gothic" i need to work more on my piece when i get home.

finished soldering, now starting to assemble

my main focal point on "Girls got goth" necklace

Zhulia does show and tell from vendor night

here's Michael deMeng discussing my piece (he does all the students pieces)

listening to Michael deMeng

Christine shows off her piece from Michael's class "transparency and collage"

my piece from Michael de Meng's class

oh poor yo-yo had too much to drink

***So today was the last day of classes for Artnsoul. you could tell that everyone was kind of tired- we were all feeling it! my last class today was Stephanie Lee's "Junk Drawer Metalsmithing". we learned various techniques from her new book, "Semiprecious Salvage: Creating Found Art Jewelry. great class. we made bezels out of metal and did soldering with a butane torch. i was really tired, so i decided to concentrate on making one piece. yesterday's class was with Sally Jean and we worked on a necklace. a few people finished theirs, but a lot of us didn't. i know one girl said she stayed up til 2:00am finishing hers. Not me! i'll work on it at home. i need my rest! the day before that i took "Tranparency and collage" with Michael deMeng. Basially that was a class where we learned his special painting techniques to create layers of paint. It was definitely out of my element, but i enjoyed it alot. he's very interesting and the techniques and colors we used were pretty cool.

I'm taking Zhulia to the airport early and then coming back to load up. Jean and i will head to Pennsylvania, where i will stay the night before heading back to Jersey on wed. while i was gone, Jeff found a nest of 4 baby bunnies. he found them because one of them was screaming and when he went to investigate, a mole was attacking one of the babies. so he removed them since the mom was AWOL. The humane society came and got them today.


  1. Kecia it has been such fun checking out all that you have been doing at the retreat.
    Wish we had something like that in my area.

  2. wonderful job on your classes(as usual!) and kudos to jeff for the rescue, i can hear that sweet bunny screaming, thank the lord he was there!! get some rest when you get home...before your next trip..

  3. You are one busy busy girl! Wow. Are you going to Art Unraveled this year? What other events are you going to? Just wondering if we will meet before Portland. have a wonderful day!

  4. i enjoyed meeting you! have a safe trip home.


  5. All your work is SO cool! I'm taking Stephanie Lee's junk drawer class in Oct so it's cool to see your work!

  6. Kecia, your work is really lovely! Especially like the pieces from Stephanie's and Sally Jean's classes. I'm taking "Junk Drawer" at Portland - and I'm very excited about it. You really are an inspiring artist! Hugs to you & your family,


  7. Oh I am so envious of all the wonderful things you get to do! Please post closeup pics of all the pieces you made.

  8. Kecia... it was GREAT TO MEET YOU at Vendor Night. Thanks for stopping by my table.

    I had a chance to visit with Zhulia in the airport on the way home on Tuesday.

    Hope to see you in Portland!

    Tracie Lyn

  9. I just love all the pictures - that necklace turned out fabulous!!! I enjoy seeing all the fun that was had - almost like I was there!!* not quite...but I'll embellish....
    That looks like such a fun way to spend some time and it must completely fill up your creative tank!
    You come away so many new techniques and pieces...I'm officially jealous.....

    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Kecia,
    I love these pictures and I love your is just like you full of fun and

  11. Hi Kecia--Just wanted to say hi and thank you again for rooming with me. I really enjoyed meeting you and Zhulia and definitely plan on going to Hampton again next year!

    Drop me an e-mail sometime...

    P.S. I didn't know Moles would bother bunnies!

  12. More great photos. I love the junque drawer necklace and look forward to seeing your completed girl's got goth necklace.


  13. More great photos. I love the junque drawer necklace and look forward to seeing your completed girl's got goth necklace.



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