Saturday, May 24, 2008

lost items

please send the patron saint of lost items my way as i have lost 2 charms i made last night. i showed them to my girlfriend this morning and then put them on my steps going upstairs and that's the last i've seen of them. i've torn the house apart and can't find them and i am tired of looking for them! i went to the flea market yesterday and found some fun stuff. i'll do a post again later of my found treasures.


  1. Oh I hate when that happens! You wander the house going back and forth thinking 'how is this possible' and also that you have lost your mind. Bt things usually turn up again.

  2. sounds like my tv remote - i even went through my trash - it's been gone now for over a week - so i don't watch tv which isn't anything new, but i guarded it so closely from the puppy, that i put it somewhere REALLY safe!

  3. Did you ask the gremlins or pixies to return them? I know it sounds silly but it usually works for me (and lots of other people, too)!


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