Friday, May 16, 2008

i think this little guy lives under our deck. we spent a long time watching him today from Tucker's window. he is so cute! tomorrow i am going to leave out some carrots, hay and some of lilo's bunny food for him.

this pigeon made a nest on my mother in law's porch. she was having a tough time having enough room for her nest; so when she was off getting more sticks, my husband added a shelf where she was building and viola! when she got back she had a major renovation. from this picture it looks like she has one egg - but when i went back early this week, i see there is indeed two babies!

here is one of my most favorite flowers, a purple Clematis.

this week i have been busy finishing up grungy/steampunk charms that were intended for a swap. but i've gotten so great feedback on them (especially when i've worn them out) that i think i will be listing them on my etsy site and then making different charms for the swap. here are a few of the steampunk charms.


  1. These are great Kecia, but I can't find the link to your Etsy site!!! Help!!!

  2. Those are some adorable pictures! I am loving your charms!!!


  3. I've never heard of steampunk, but your charms are fabulous. As always, I love your nature photos.


  4. those baby pigeons and the bunny are so cute - jeff, the pigeon rescuer! the purple clematis here is looking lovely too - ahhhhhh spring! thank heavens!!!!! mom


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