Monday, January 11, 2010

Mending the heart

For Christmas, as one of my gifts, i commissioned JoAnna Pierotti to make me one of her stunning angels. she usually adds a word to her dolls, which in effect, gives them life. So i asked her to give my angel the words "mending the heart" to signify my journey through grief. i just think she is so beautiful. i couldn't wait to unwrap her on Christmas morning!


here is where my angel is hanging. over my bed i had hung a sheer coverlet that i strategically draped to be flouncy. in the center i added some faux wisteria flowers. so she is hanging in the center of the coverlet which overlooks my bed. so when i am laying in bed, she is right there watching over me.

You can find more of JoAnna's art in her etsy shoppe.


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  1. Beautiful! How lucky you are to own one of JoAnnA's Angels!

    Happy New Year & Artful Blessings,

  2. Kecia, what an honorable place to hang one of my angel girls. I'm so glad you love her. She came with lots of love and hugs. Thanks so much.

  3. It's a beautiful doll, and what a wonderful way to enjoy it!!

  4. Such a safe place for the lovely angel to be - i'm even comforted with the effervescence and honor she adds to your nest; always surrounding you with light and love - a perennial reminder of the private you, and the you that you share with all of us, your capabilites of reaching out, sharing, and also your great talent - she's capable of talking to you also - i know she has wonderful stories to tell, and quiet reminders and advice! the thing that describes "listen" and "believe" to the fullest extent! i love you - mom

  5. HI...I "found" you thru JoAnna....what a beautiful angel to help you thru your journey...I do not know what happened, but, I know this journey is difficult and we get thru it a baby step at a time...I am taking those steps myself, and am reaching out to others that have been there...
    Heart Hugs,


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