Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lemoncholy's Easter Swap photos

I invited 16 of my friends to participate in an Easter ornament swap. it was alot of fun and i love how different everyone's ornaments are. mine have been hung on my tree and now we are just waiting on the Easter bunny.


fabric collage by me

polymer clay frame by Laurel Steven

paper mache lamb by Pamela Huntington

soldered charm by Amy Huff

wire nest "home" by Kim Boehm


recycled lid frame with clay flower by Denise Mares


collaged egg with flowers by Allegra Smith

"Blessed" by Danielle Green

fuzzy chick in egg by Vivian Neroni

hollowed egg with bunny inside by Lori Guerin


Easter egg hunt basket by Melissa Merrill

fuzzy chick sitting in crepe paper basket by Heather Bluhm


fabric egg by Keli Hansen

paper bunny inside flower by Zhulia Abrok


faux scrimshaw by Brenda Bliss


sewn little blue bird by Lonnie Jenck

sewn bird with fabric dyed like an Easter egg by Joanne Thieme-Huffman


here is miss lilly helping me with the packages.


  1. What a fun swap! You got such a diverse and beautiful bunch of goodies! It must make you smile to look at your tree.

  2. What a delightful swap!! I love that everyone did something different, in a different medium...really diverse and beautiful!!

  3. They're all pretty dang wonderful! I can't wait to get them - now..must.find.tree......

  4. What a wonderful decoration they all make. I love all the individuality in each one.

  5. wow! look at all the great ornaments! cant wait!

  6. The white Manzanita branches await to be dressed with those beauties, as a kiss of Spring from all the peeps known and unknown. What fun this is going to be, to hang those ornaments with our old ones this Easter. New friends to some of us bearing a gift of creativity, what a joy!

  7. Wow! Really gorgeous. I better set up my little white tree.

  8. great swap items! how fun!
    xo natalea

  9. great photo of your mascot on top of the boxes to be shipped.I can see she is protecting them well, heehee!

  10. Got my package today. Thank you to everyone! What beautiful beautiful goodies! My daughter and I set up the tree as soon as we got home. I'm honored to be in such talented company.

  11. It was such a joy to come home to a goodie package. Taking this evening to open the package and enjoy seeing each one. It was a pleasure to be amung a great group of ladies and artists who participated in your swap..


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